Chapter Twenty-Nine: Duel for Truth:

Hisoka gave her a puzzled look. “Jesse? Are you okay?”

“Of course I am,” she said. “But you won’t be.”

“What do you mean?” her ex asked. The demon drew out a big sword.

“I’m going to kill you!” she shouted. This didn’t surprise the shinigami.

“You ready for this?” Tsuzuki whispered. Hisoka nodded. He remembered everything Watari told him over the phone earlier.

“I did some additional research on Hikaru and Jessie,” the blond scientist told him. “They were romantically involved ten years ago.”

“Okay,” Hisoka replied.

“I don’t have much on their relationship, but I have an idea how he died.”



“Do you remember plan?” Hisoka’s eyes asked Tsuzuki as they followed Jessie into the arena.

“Yes,” Tsuzuki’s eyes replied. Jessie turned around in the center of the ring.

“This duel will be simple,” she said. “Last person still alive wins.”

“I understand,” Hisoka replied. Both wore traditional battle kimono with swords drawn. Tsuzuki sat in the bleachers. He kept his eyes open for a source. In the ring, Jessie charged with the first move. Hisoka blocked her with his sword. He got a good look at the emptiness in her eyes. I knew it!


“Jessie’s being controlled by her mother, Jade,” Watari explained over the phone. “If you want to help Jessie, you have to break the connection?”

“How do I do that?” Hisoka asked.

“You have to expose her to the truth about Hikaru’s death.”

“You found his cause of death?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Well, how did he die?”


Hisoka and Jessie’s swords danced with each clash. Neither one wanted to back down. Hisoka tried to find the right moment to ask Jessie for the truth about her boyfriend. She moves too fast. Hisoka took another swing with his sword. The point cut her in the left cheek. Jessie let out a howling scream.

“My face!” she yelled. “You cut my face!” She charged forward, piercing his right side. Hisoka laughed though the pain.

“This is nothing!” he said aloud. The shinigami remembered all of their fights and kinky sex in their relationship. This fight would be a bug bit compared to all they did to each other.

Meanwhile, Tsuzuki looked for the source of Jessie’s mind control. So far, he came up with nothing. Where is it? Where are they hiding it? Tsuzuki froze when he spotted a pair of red eyes glaring at him from across the room. The older shinigami’s own eyes shifted around. Hurry up, Hisoka!

The other shinigami gritted his teeth. Already close to an hour and they were cut and panting with torn clothes. Both didn’t look like folding soon. Hisoka pulled himself to his feet. I’ve got no choice now, he thought.

Behind him, Tsuzuki happened to look upwards and noticed a giant monitor hanging from the ceiling. He tilted his head, puzzled. What is that? He narrowed his eyes, tilting his head to the other side. Before he knew it, the monitor switched on.

In the ring, Jessie raised her sword. Hisoka didn’t budge.

“Tell me how Hikaru died,” he said. Jessie froze, looking confused.

“What?” she asked.

“Tell me what happened to Hikaru.”


“Yes,” a woman’s voice hissed in the dark. “Tell us what happened.” The demon’s grip on her sword began to weaken.

“I…” she said.

“You loved him, didn’t you?” Hisoka asked. He saw tears forming in her eyes. “Didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Jessie whimpered.

“So what happened to him?”

“Tell us!” the woman chanted. “Tell us the truth!”

“I…” Jessie mumbled.

“Please tell us!” Hisoka and the woman shouted. Jessie shut her eyes.

“I… I killed him!” she cried. The demon ripped her eyes open as those horrible memories flooded her head. The moment itself went by in a flash. She didn’t exactly know what led up to blood on her hands. One minute, she was fighting a monster and the next, Hikaru’s blood sprayed everywhere as he fell dead at her feet. By the time she realized what had happened, it was too late. Jessie fell to her knees screaming in present day. Kagura stood behind her, smirking.

“Yes,” she said. “You killed him!” Tears ran down Jessie’s cheeks.

“I… I…” she whimpered.

“You what?”

“I’m sorry, Hikaru-kun! I’m sorry!”

“Liar!” Kagura shouted. “You killed that boy and then you made up Old Blu!” Jessie froze holding her head.

“I made him up?” she asked.

“Yes! You made up Old Blu to forget you crime! You can’t run away from your sins!”

“W-What should I do?”

Kagura grinned at her work. “You know what your only option is.” Jessie rose to her feet with her sword in her hand. She angled the blade at her throat.

“Yes!” Kagura shouted. “Just do it! Do it!”

“Suzaku, come to my aid!” Tsuzuki shouted with a fuda raised above his head. The giant phoenix arose his head. The giant phoenix arose and sailed towards the monitor. With one fiery blast, she destroyed the mind-controlling connection. Jessie’s sword fell to the ground clean of blood as the monitor burning away. Jessie herself stood as if she had just woken up from a bad dream. A shadowy figure of light stood before her.

“Hikaru-kun?” she asked. Her dead boyfriend gave her a little smile.

“Blu was my old man, remember?” he asked. Jessie felt her heart flutter as the light disappeared. Meanwhile, Tsuzuki and Hisoka turned their attention to Kagura. The disgraced demon started backing away, trembling.

“You don’t understand!” she cried. “Jessie’s nothing but a menace!” The boys walked closer. Kagura looked around in panic.

“She has to be killed!” she wailed. Tsuzuki drew out another fuda.

“You shall be judged!” he shouted. Before he could move, Kagura’s throat cut right open. Blood sprayed everywhere as the demon fell backwards. The shinigami turned to see Jade frowning as she walked towards them.

“What a disappointment,” she said. “Thought she would get the job done.” The demon put her hands on her hips. “Looks like I’ll have to do it myself.” Jessie sank down in fear, but Hisoka glared at Jade.

“Just tell us one thing,” he said. The older demon raised an eyebrow at him.

“And what would that be?” she asked. The shinigami took a step forward.

“Why did you kill Hikaru ten years ago?” he asked. Jessie looked shocked.

“What?” she asked. Jade put up her hands.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she lied.

“Mama, what is he talking about?” she asked. Jade put up her hands.

“Don’t you get it?” Hisoka asked. “She tricked you into killing Hikaru!” His ex tried to process what she had just learned.

“No way…” she murmured.

“He’s lying!” her mother shouted.

“Think about it!” Hisoka shouted. “What did you see the day you were to meet up with Hikaru?” Jessie dug in her brain to remember.

“It was a cherry blossom monster—” she began to say. She looked over at Jade. “Wait, you mean--?” Her mother snickered at her.

“You think you can kill me?” she asked. “You can’t do it. I will always--!” The demon whipped around when someone grabbed her hair and yanked her dark ponytail free. She saw Tsuzuki with the red gem from her hair in his hand. Her face burned red.

“How did you?!” she shouted. With one swipe of her daughter’s blade, Jade’s head fell to the ground. The boys looked up to see Jessie covered in blood, laughing.

“I… I did it,” she said, breathlessly. “I actually did it!” She fell to her knees, laughing. Suddenly, the arena around them disappeared, leaving them back in the park.