Chapter Twenty-Six: Earth:

Some days were bad. It was like a never ending cycle. They got up, drank, fought, took drugs, fought more, partied, did more drugs, have sex, and pass out. Lately, Jessie had a bad feeling about this. It was fine for her, but Hisoka didn't belong in such filth. However, she knew she couldn't get through to him anymore.

"Why do you care?" he asked. The demon couldn't answer him. The shinigami smirked.

"Oh, don't tell me you've fallen for me," he said, forcing out the truth. Jessie glared at him as her face reddened.

"Like hell I have!" she shouted. Hisoka leaned in, smiling.

"Liar," he whispered. Jessie gritted her teeth, swearing. Tonight would be no different. She ignored the pounding music in the air. The demon already knew the ending. Hisoka sat beside her, downing drinks. She made an uneasy face at him. Jessie should get him to stop, somehow�

"Hisoka-kun," Jessie spoke up. "Haven't you had enough?" He turned his head to her with glazed eyes.

"Why stop?" he slurred out. "I'm fine!" Jessie didn't believe him, but she knew he wouldn't listen. Hisoka raised his hand in the air.

"Bartender!" he shouted. "Another round!" Jessie sighed and looked at her drink. She always counted down to the next part. They did the same thing, town after town. They never stopped for a rest. One problem they ran into was a lack of money. Hisoka hadn't worked in weeks. The couple had to resort to other ways to make ends meet.

Jessie started prostituting again during the day. She'd done this before to make some money. Those times, her mother had put her up to it. This go-around was of Jessie's own doing. Hisoka already objected to this.

"Where the hell do you get off on fucking for money?!" he growled at her one night.

"We need it!" she yelled. "You're not exactly doing anything useful, now are you?" Hisoka reached over and picked up the motel matchbox.

"What are you doing?" Jessie asked as he opened it. The shinigami lit a match and tossed it at her ankles.

"Shit!" she yelled as she jumped back. "What the hell?!" Hisoka threw another lit match at her.

"Ow!" his lover screamed. "Stop that!" The shinigami threw another one. He kept throwing them until Jessie ran out of the room. Prostitution wasn't the only means for money, however. The couple even resorted to theft.

Last week, Hisoka stole a credit card from one Jessie' johns while he spied on her. It didn't take long for the couple to blow through the money. It took four more cards before the johns caught onto the scheme. Strangely enough, Hisoka and Jessie never got caught by police. Jessie waited as her lover downed another drink.

"Ready to go?" she asked. Hisoka grinned at her with red, drunk cheeks. He tried to kiss her on the lips, but Jessie pushed him away.

"I'll take that as a yes," she said. The shinigami chuckled as he grabbed her on the breast.

"Get off," she mumbled. She draped his arm over her shoulders and walked him out of the nightclub. The last part of the cycle began in the motel hallway. Hisoka pinned Jessie to the wall and began kissing her. She tried to push him off, but he held her wrist to the dingy wall. He forced his tongue in her mouth like a knife. Jessie choked as she tried to take it again. Once her lover was fired up, it was hard to turn him off. She tried to break off the kiss.

"Hisoka," she said, catching her breath. "Shouldn't we go into the room first?" His mouth moved to her neck.

"You have the key," he said. Jessie moaned when the shinigami gently nipped at her throat.

"Hang on," she murmured. "Hang on. Hang on." The demon reached into her pocket and pulled out the keycard. Once in the room, Hisoka pushed her down on their freshly changed bed. Jessie looked up in time to see him lay down on her for another kiss. This wasn't fun anymore. Jessie didn't know when this happened or how to stop it. Hisoka slid off his shirt and tossed it aside. The curse showed bright on his skin. She wanted to vomit every time she saw it, but it always drew her in.

"Does it disgust you?" he asked.

"No," Jessie told him. He narrowed his drunken eyes.

"Liar," the shinigami said.

"I'm not," she insisted. He slammed down with another kiss. Jessie gasped as he bit her lower lip. His hands pulled off her black halter top. She darted her tongue in his mouth to cut to the chase. It's seemed meaningless now. It was too late to stop this torture game now. But, who was the victim and who was the captor?

Hisoka slammed into her hips for most of the night. His nails clawed at her shoulders. Jessie yelled out at the sensations. But, she felt nothing. The demon felt dead with him between her legs. Jessie could ride it out until Hisoka gave into climax. He bit down on her neck and shoulder like a hungry monster.

"Hisoka-kun!" Jessie moaned with empty lust in her voice.

"Tell me you love me," Hisoka commanded her.

"I� I love you so much!" she yelled back. Hisoka came at her words and collapsed on top of her. He glanced up at her, panting.

"Do you really love me?" he asked once he got his breath back. Jessie gently stroked his hair.

"I do," she whispered. Hisoka stared at her with blank eyes.

"Liar," he murmured as he drew his eyes closed to sleep.

"But I'm not lying," the demon said with a soft sorrow in her voice. She soon joined her lover in sleep as she awaited the cycle to start up again.