Earth Works for Heaven

Masayuki and Michiro have different opinions on Baby Doll.

Masayuki is fascinated by the angel. She appeared to be hiding things that even she wasn’t aware of. By nature, he just had to find out what it was. Baby Doll didn’t enjoy his numerous questions each time they met up.

“You don’t believe me, do you?” she asked.

“I do,” Masayuki said in library. Baby Doll’s eyes told him, “Liar.” It doesn’t faze him. He’s used to his friends giving him strange looks. The boy put up his hands shrugging.

“Hey,” he said. “Believe what you about me. I’m just here to help you find your murderers.”

Baby Doll leaned in, frowning. “And why are you doing that?”

“Why not?”

“Are you fucking around with me?!” She whipped her head around when she heard shushing behind her. A young man carrying a stack of books backed away when she saw him glaring at him.

“Mind your own damn business!” she mouthed at him. Masayuki sighed as the young man took off in a jog.

“Oh come on,” he said. “You don’t have to get all snippy.” The angel sat back down, pouting and folding her arms across her chest. He got a strange satisfaction from winding her up. For some reason, he just loved seeing her pissed off and moody. Baby Doll picked up another notebook and flipped it open.

“Let’s just get this over with,” she said. “You’re starting to annoy me again!”

“Whatever you say,” he said. Masayuki pulled another notebook closer to him. He already knew how this day would end. They would probably find nothing, leave, and try again tomorrow. However, Masayuki wanted to try another approach on this Sunday afternoon.

“Hey, Baby,” he spoke up. She didn’t look up from the page that she had her nose buried on.

“What is it now?” she asked.

“Could I see your notes again?” he asked. Baby Doll lifted her head, raising an eyebrow.

“Why?” she asked.

“I just thought of something,” Masayuki said. “Maybe we overlooked something.”

“Don’t know what good it would do,” she mumbled under her breath. Baby Doll reached into her bag and slid her notebook across the table. Masayuki caught it with his fingers.

“Thank you,” he said. The boy opened the notebooks and thumbed through the pages. He stopped when he noticed a name on a particular line. “I think I’ve seen this name before.” Baby Doll lifted her head.

“What?” she asked. Masayuki got up and hurried over to a computer.

“Masayuki?” Baby Doll asked, following after him. He sat down and pulled up the internet. Several key strokes later, half of the mystery broke up. Baby Doll poked the boy in the back with two fingers.

“Okay, what’s going on?” she asked. Masayuki pulled her to his shoulder.

“Does this man look familiar to you?” he asked.