Emerald's Bio
Name: Tabitha Lorea Emerald Parasca

AKA: Tabbi, Emmi, and Gypsy

Birthdate: 3/3/79

Age: 23

P.O.B.: Transylvania, Romania

Species: Kamimortal

Occupation: Ad manager

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'7"

Love Status: Single with one ex-boyfriend

Likes: Ads, dogs, Gorillaz, history, music, anime, computers, TV on the Radio, Hetalia, sake, manga, Scrubs, festivals, Elbow, drawing, indie music, conspiracy theories, internet, banners, driving, coffee, Andy Warhol, Roma culture, Jack White, spices, beer, tech gadgets, ghost stories, snow, optical illusions, world history, Kings of Leon, and art

Outfit: Bright pink mini-skirt, matching hoodie shirt, bright pink pantyhose, and four-inch pink high heels

Van: Huey

Animal Chibi: Raccoon

    Crafty and persuasive, Emerald can win someone or something over. Her dad died of heart problems when she was only a baby. Emerald's mother couldn't afford to take care of her because she was still struggling in college. Rather than dropping out, the baby was passed around from relative to relative. Emerald grew to accept her situation. After all, she heard many interesting stories growing up. So much that it soon became hard to tell fact from fiction. So as she got older, she just took all stories with a grain of salt. She did enjoy the mountain backdrop during the summers. At the age of ten, Emerald's uncle to her out on his fishing boat on the Black Sea on weekends and holidays. She never did quite learn how to fish, but she did enjoy the quiet around her.

    A descendant of Helen, Emerald fell into a river at the age of two. While in the water, the girl swallowed a piece of the maiden's heart in the current. Helen, disguised as a young boy, pulled Emerald out of the water and healed her. At the age of fourteen, the girl's mother finally got her life straightened up and took full custody of her daughter. Young Emerald had to adjust to living in the city. There didn't seem to be any stories or beauty her new surroundings. However, she discovered something else that took the place of that magic that she grew up with in the countryside. At the age of fifteen, she discovered the world of marketing. Her mother was more than supportive of her daughter's career choice and helped her achieve it all the way through college.

    Emerald heard of Noizchild's academy and decided to join. After much persuasion, she got the job. The woman's mother had a couple questions about this career move. Her daughter assured her that it would all be good. "They need the extra help," she insisted. Her mother still has questions about the academy, but she's still supportive of her daughter never the less. Emerald lives by herself and has a dog named Plum.