Fire Escape

Dateline: Kohana went into thee garden and ate the forbidden fruit. An angelette came in her body to be tested by Lucifer. She passed her test of temptation.

    It had been two years since Kohana had been to Joshu’s manor. He was an old friend of the deceased Hogosha. The little princess was so excited that her nanny had to try and keep her in her seat of the carriage. Once they got to his mansion, Kohana jumped out of the carriage and hugged her friend. That evening, everyone had a rich dinner. Then Kohana’s nanny bathed the princess, got her dressed into her sugar nightgown, and put her to bed. All seemed well tonight. Or was it?

    Late in the night while everyone was sleeping, a young boy came to the open window of the kitchen. He took out an empty sake bottle and a cloth napkin, rolled up the napkin, put it in the bottle, took out a lighter, lit the napkin and threw it in the window. Then the boy ran away as he could. In a few minutes, the flame from the napkin spread to bottle and then to the floor. Soon, the whole kitchen was on fire. The maids quickly saved the belongings and ran as the house began catching fire. The nanny was almost out the door when she remembered that Kohana was still in her room. She tried to run back and get but Joshu and the servants held her back. “I need to save the princess!” the nanny cried. “The stairs are burned! There’s no way of getting to her!” one of the servants yelled. The nanny’s eyes just welled up with tears.
    Sopphina was sleeping serenely through the noise and smoke. Then she rolled over and fell out the open window next to her bed. She fell and fell until someone caught her in midair. The little princess awoke to see….. Hogosha holding her. “Daddy?” she asked. Hogosha put his ghostly finger over her mouth. “It’s me.” he whispered. Then they began to sink slowly to the ground. Fearing what would happen next, Hogosha decided to erase Kohana’s memory about seeing him again. So he slightly leaned over and kissed his daughter on the cheek. Kohana began to feel drowsy. “Now, Kohana, look up at me.” said he. Tired but obedient, Kohana complied. Then Hogosha clenched his fist and lightly set it on the moon charm on the little princess’s forehead. He erased her memory about his return. Once Hogosha was done with the process, Kohana fell asleep. “You are as beautiful as your mother.” Hogosha thought. Then he returned her to Joshu and them. They thanked the ghost and he left them.
The End