Evan's Documentary on Tokyo


    Evan turns on the video camera and runs in front.

    Evan: Good morning lads and lassies. Evan Stone here. This is my first documentary. What will I be filming today? Animals? No. Schools? No. Kids? Please! So, what am I showing today?

    He leans in closer to the camera, grinning.

    Evan: Well, I'll tell you. I am filming Tokyo's night life from both sections. How are they different? How are they the same? Who is the wilder twin? Neo-Tokyo has always been in the party's eye. But, what about Simple Tokyo? Is it pretending to be the sweet, innocent little sister and hiding her wild side from the world? What would it take to draw it out?

    He sits back, smirking.

    Evan: That's what I aim to find out.

    Evan looks at the clock.

    Evan: Let's see, it's nine o'clock. Time to get started in three... two... one!

    He gets up, picks up the camera, and heads out the to the door.

    Evan: See you soon.