Chapter Five: Exhibitionism:

March 3rd, 2010.

Anna pretended to be asleep as she took in her husband's gentle touch. Her heart rolled in her chest dressed up in marital bliss. Last night unlocked new heights of ecstasy. Her eyes fell upon her white-pink wedding kimono as it lay slumped over in the chair in the corner. Tsuzuki called it her wrapping paper last night.

"You are my present," he whispered after they consummated their marriage. Anna's mind settled back in bliss as her husband rested his arm around her. He rested his chin on her shoulder. She happily closed her eyes. I don't want this feeling to end, she thought. The sun would be up soon.


April 2nd, 2010.

10:00 p.m.

She danced on stage in the pink-tinted lights. All eyes stared on her smooth curves. He sat among the crowd. The hunger turned like a crank in his very being. He heard his own heart beating. The make-up on her face became the perfect mask. He wondered if she would look just as beautiful in death.

Goldfrapp pumped through the air, fitting for the queen on stage. All of the pervs drank their visual fill. He never enjoyed strip clubs, too many people for his taste. His co-workers described him as borderline hikikomori. Good thing no one knew him here. He could just disappear and no one would even notice.

She turned on the pole. Her long wavy black hair flirted with him. He swallowed back some drool. His malice screamed for the hunt. He downed another shot and flagged down the waitress for another drink. The malice and the hunger blurred in a haze of alcohol. Kill! Kill! Kill!

Wait! Eve looked half complete. She needed her Adam. His eyes scanned the crowd. Could the boyfriend be here? Probably not. All of these perverts eyeing her shaking her ass for money. The pink crystal beads on her skirt beat against her thick pale, milky thighs. She blew a kiss to the crowd. He felt like that kiss went to him in particular. He had to have her. She just needed a mate. Kill! Kill! Kill!

The song drew to an end as she swung around the pole once more. The men all cheered aloud for her. He rose to his feet to follow her off stage. The white crystal flower in her hair flirted and lured him to her dressing room. He lay in wait. The boyfriend should appear any moment now. The malice spiked faster in his brain than the alcohol did.

He took steps to her door. Suddenly, someone pushed past him to the dressing room door himself. He studied the man walking by. He noticed the jagged scars on his hands. The fancy-looking suit and gold and silver rings on his hands added a classy flare to his scary exterior. Judging by his appearance, he had to be in the Yakuza. A tingle filled him up as the gangster knocked on the door.

"Yo, Fukie!" he yelled. "Open up, it's me! Fukie! Fukie!" He watched as the stripper opened the door. Eve had her Adam and he didn't wait anymore. Kill! Kill! Kill! The stripper giggled when she saw her boyfriend.

"Baby!" she cooed.

"Miss me?" the gangster asked.

"Yes," the girl in pink said. She kissed him on the lips. The boyfriend pulled her slender curved body in closer to him. His hands groped and massaged her girly firm ass. A few feet away from the couple, the scene made his stomach crunch with hunger. His breath gave way to heavy panting as he took slow steps to the couple. The stripper happened to look up see him walking towards them.

"Baby, who is that?" she asked.

"Huh?" he asked. Her boyfriend looked up and saw him. The gangster narrowed his eyes.

"What you looking at asshole?!" he barked. The other man stood a hazy look in his eyes. The thug gritted his teeth.

"Look, pal!" he barked. "Are you tryin' to start somethin'?"

"I have drugs and toys back at my place," the host said. "Interested?"