Factory Fashion

I: Gothic Kei:

Kei felt like going out in style tonight.

Black puffy skirt like a tutu
Black leather corset
Ripped up fishnets
Zip up black kitten-heeled ankle boots

She looked at herself in the mirror. Perfect, she thought with a smirk. Now for some accessories.

Black lipstick
No, dark red lipstick
Actually black would be better
Fuck it, just go with it
Black it is
Fiery red eye shadow
Longer fake eyelashes
All against a white face
Black fingernail polish
Long, dangly black earrings
Six rings
And black, shiny necklace

All set and now time to show off. She went to the door and found a shocked Simon and Conrad.

�Hey guys,� she said.

II: Pandora the Designer:

She has the hands for designs
She wanted to do this
When she was a little girl,
Her mother took her to the most expensive boutique in London
So many patterns
So many colors
The little girl felt right in love with them all
From there, she began her path to her future
First came art classes
Then came the multiple drawing pads
Sure, Pandora wanted to design clothes
So, off to Tokyo she went
Now, let�s see what happens next

III: Jenny, Rock Star:

Short jean skirts
Rocker t-shirts
High-heeled leather boots
Leather and metal belts
Hair clips
Black lipstick
Heavy make-up
Tramp stamp
Don�t give a shit attitude

IV: Diva Ladies:

High heels
Short skirts
Booty shorts
Tank tops
And lipstick
Tons of lipstick

V: Emily the California Princess:

Tank tops
Booty shorts
Silver chain necklaces
Brightly colored bracelets
Flip flops
Cute hair bows
Sometimes all pink

VI: Andy the Puppet Master:

Classy. Modest. Sleek.
1920�s. Western. Trendy.

VII: Factory Glamour:

Glitter. Trendy. Upbeat.
Heels. Leather. Sexy.
And lipstick. Tons of lipstick.

VIII: Future Tokyo Fashion:

What is Tokyo�s future in fashion?
Sexy heels?
Or surprisingly modest?
Stick around and see.

Black Fashion