Factory People

Pandora Wolf

Age: 18 (First half) 25 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Designer

    Pandora started off as an innocent foreigner. She came to Tokyo to go college at Tokyo Sakura Art University. But, Andy was giving a lecture there at the opening. He seduced her into the Factory. Now, Pandora is struggling to keep her innocence with building a name for herself. Ha! Good luck with that one! Pandora is torn between Hunter and Evan. She known for her designs and style of shoes.

Emily Bellman

Age: 13 (First half) 20 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Actress and model

    So much can be said about Miss Emily Bellman. Andy brought her all the way Southern California after a conference. Emily is a vivacious wild oversexed teenager. She loves men, partying, drinking, and drugs. Emily is one of Andy's famous muses. The girl really loves boys and seems to have a thing for Simon.

Jenny Cooper-Moon

Age: 21 (First half) 28 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Singer and actress

    Jenny came along when the Factory sighed on the band Indigo Kids. The producers had her front the band from time to time. During the recording of the first album, Jenny married the lead singer of the band, Ryan Moon. She loves drinking, partying, and the high life. She is also a great dancer.

Hunter Turner

Age: 22 (First half) 29 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Actor

    Hunter started out as a starving artist. He couldn't get work at first. He needed money badly. That's when Andy came along. He lured him right into the Factory. The man now stars in many films from the place. Hunter seems to have fallen for the lovely young English Pandora. Let's see how that turns out.

Evan Stone

Age: 19 (First half) 26 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Director

    Like Hunter, Evan was a starving artist in the beginning. He needed money to support his money through Tokyo Sakura Art University. Andy came along and wood him into the Factory just like so many others. He took the job right away. Evan learns more about films from Ian than at school. He too has a huge crush on fellow TSAU student and Factory star, Pandora.

Jemima Murdock

Age: 18 (First half) 25 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Model and actress

    Jemima is Pandora's childhood friend. She came to Tokyo to find Pandora because she hadn't heard from her in weeks. She ran into Andy and he wooed her into the Factory. He resurrected dreams that she thought had died. Now, Jemima models Pandora's designs to help both of their careers.


Age: 23 (First half) 30 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Model

    Savannah is a straight up little diva. She is such a snob. Andy brought all the way from Savannah, Georgia. She used to be a sweet innocent girl. But one taste of the high fast life, Savannah's personality did a complete 180. She is always seen with Jamaica.


Age: 29 (First half) 36 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Model

    Jamaica is the big bitch of the Factory. She keeps the other girls in line. Andy brought her back all the way from Jamaica. Jamaica isn't afraid to speak her mind at all. Maybe a bit too much. If left unchecked, she and Toshiko will fight violently. Jamaica is always seen with Savannah.

Toshiko Mori

Age: 22 (First half) 29 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Actress

    Toshiko has a wild streak to her. She smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish, and curses like a sailor. She always hangs with the rebellious crowd. Toshiko too is not afraid to speak her mind. She and Jamaica fight constantly. Toshiko is a pure tomboy and has a thing for Saji.

Andy Teach

Age: 32 (First half) 39 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Boss, painter, printmaker, filmmaker, record producer, and author

    Here is the ringmaster of everything. Andy has this powerful charm to him. He knows that too well. The man uses it to his advantage. Andy as has a great eye for talent. He draws in potential stars to his Factory and promotes them. Andy is a successful artist in Japan. Everyone wants to know all about him.

Ryan Moon

Age: 25 (First half) 32 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Frontman

    Like Hunter and Evan, Ryan struggled to make a name for himself and his band. Every record company in Tokyo rejected his demo tapes. Then, Andy listened to them and signed the Indigo Kids on. But first, there had to be some little changes to be made. Enter Jenny Cooper. Good for Ryan though. He got a record deal and wife out it!

Violet Rays

Age: 25 (First half) 32 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Artist and author

    Real name is Eliza Gahan. Violet is well-known for her violet style in her hair and clothes. She and Andy met at a gallery. He suggested her stage name to her and it just stuck from there. Violet is one of the first Factory stars and starred in many of the early films. She helps out Pandora when she can.

Mona Kirov

Age: 21 (First half) 28 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Actress

    No one really knows the relationship between Mona and Andy. All that is known is that he brought her to Tokyo all the way from Russia. She's been at the Factory ever since. Everyone seems to accept that except for Ophelia. Pandora sympathizes with her due to the feeling of being displaced.

Ophelia Dayton

Age: 23 (First half) 30 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Model and Actress

    Ophelia is another straight up diva in the Factory. She is vain and adores the high life. The woman is deeply in love with Andy. Too bad he doesn't notice! Ophelia is like Emily only older and negative version of her. She is jealous of Pandora and Mona. Ophelia loves money, drugs, booze, parties, and men. The other girls in the Factory can't stand her.

Andrea Teel

Age: 24 (First half) 31 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Actress

    Andrea is like a big sister to Pandora. She is a high free-spirit. The woman just does as she likes. Dre is always partying every other night, drinking, high off of something, or with some random guy or girl. The woman just loves the high and fast life. But is there such thing as too much?

Mark Lennon

Age: 27 (First half) 34 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Actor and Andy Teach Impersonator

    Mark is Andy's impersonator and right hand man. He goes to speak at all of the lectures that Andy himself can't make. This is the lead man in the Factory under Andy. Mark has starred in many of the Factory's films. He even looks and sounds just like Andy. He is also learning how to draw and paint.

Ian Gallaheger

Age: 26 (First half) 33 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Director

    Ian films the films at the Factory along with Andy. The big boss handed picked him out himself. Ian came the same time that Violet did. His favorite film subject? Why none other than the lovely young designer, Pandora herself. He films her every chance that he gets. Pandora finds it pretty creepy. But who can complain at the Factory? Evan is his personal student. Ian is a fan of the Smiths.

Liam Ross

Age: 25 (First half) 32 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Actor

    Liam is another top film star at the Factory. He is an underground sex symbol. Plus, he is a huge icon in Japan's gay subculture. Liam identifies himself as bisexual. Everyone loves him. Jemima has a huge crush on him, but she refuses to admit it. Liam is huge fan of the Smiths along with Ian.

Candy Floss

Age: 22 (First half ) 29 (Second half)

Job at Factory: Actress and Female Impersonator

    Candy had big dreams growing up. She is a transvestite. Many American film companies didn't take her seriously because of that little fact. Heartbroken, Candy went all the way to Japan. There, Andy found her and took her into the Factory. She's been there ever since. Candy was jealous of Pandora at first, but they became good friends.

Downtown Folks

Kei Yamaguchi

Age: 14 (First half) 21 (Second half)

    Like Pandora, Kei started off innocent. But then she opened her eyes to the Factory and the truth about Conrad's aunt's drug dealing business. Now, she finds herself on an endless path of experience with no way to turn around. She is close friends with Simon, Conrad, and Nia. Kei later finds herself torn between Conrad and Blu.

Conrad Bridges

Age: 14 (First half) 21 (Second half)

    Conrad never had it so innocent in the beginning. He was sent to live with his aunt and cousin after his mother was arrested for drug possession and attempted murder. Shortly afterwards, he began helping his aunt deal drugs. Now, Conrad is trying to keep Kei, Simon, and Nia out of the dark part of his business.

Blu Robinson

Age: 21 (Second half)

    Blu is a solder in the army. He met Kei after she lost seven years of her memory in the second half of the series. He is a free-spirited man. The man just does what he pleases. It is rumored that he has had many lovers in the past. But, Blu only has eyes for Kei now. He loves her and calls her "my sister" out of affection.


Age: 14 (First half) 21 (Second half)

    As a boy, Simon is physically underdeveloped for his age, standing at little more than 4-feet tall. He wears a short sleeved blue vest and short brown pants, topped with a pair of red goggles and brown work shoes. He has deep blue hair and wide eyes with small pupils, and his iris color was eventually revealed to be an almost black dark blue. Simon also ties on shin splits and sports a cloth waistband, and the Core Drill hangs from a fastened leather string around his neck. Originally, Simon wore a dusty brown cloak, which eased his passage through the narrow tunnels of the underground, but this cloak was blown off by the wind during the initial escape from Giha Village.

    Though valued as one of the most skilled diggers in Giha Village, Simon is ignored by the adults and snubbed by the girls, who consider him disgusting because of his peculiar habits and odd smell. Lacking parental figures to help him mature, along with his fear of earthquakes, Simon is plagued by low self-esteem and has many cowardly tendencies. Even after his friendship with Kamina, he continues to act cowardly and doubts his own abilities. However, Kamina's inspirational speeches gives Simon just enough confidence to endure his fears and to accomplish something. Young Simon is also susceptible to bouts of intense determination, such as when he charged at the Gunzar (later, the Gurren) and the Enki.

    In Part II, Simon is thrown into a maddening, pervasive depression, driving him to be overly aggressive in combat toward his enemies. Although the entire Team Dai-Gurren is buoyed in low morale, Simon is particularly affected as he feels he is personally responsible for the tragedy that befell the entire team. His psychotic outbursts and pessimistic comments further isolate him among the Team, even as some members reach out to him. Simon's meeting with the mysterious Nia helps him come to a revelation about his own nature, leading to him putting aside all fears and doubts in favor of courage and confidence. He also manages to come up with his own original inspirational speeches, though some team members feel he needs some work.

    As an adult in Part III, Simon acts no differently from his child self in Part II, though he is considerably lazier. He grows significantly, and stands taller than Kamina at a bit more than 6-feet. At this time, Simon wears stylish white Oxford shoes and long pants, with a white collared shirt and an embroidered blue, red, and gold vest, topped off with a red sash. Simon is quite shy with love, having gathered the courage to propose marriage to Nia seven years after Part II. He is also revealed to be excessively optimistic and na�ve, allowing Rossiu to character assassinate him and refusing to cease attempts to reconcile with Nia.

    In Part IV, Simon has a change of wardrobe, wearing grey low-rise jeans, a black neck brace and plastic black haramaki, and donning a long, navy blue trenchcoat with gold studs, sporting the Team Dai-Gurren logo on the back. Part IV marks a significant and abrupt change in character for Simon; he no longer has a driving desire to better the world, but is satisfied to let human life lead its own course. Simon hands off all of his personal responsibilities to his friends, and leads a lonely but seemingly content low-profile life well into the epilogue.


Age: 14 (First half) 21 (Second half)

    Nia Teppelin  is the lead female character, a mysterious young girl found sleeping in a capsule in the middle of a dump site by Simon when he was still in distraught over Kamina's death. Later revealed to be Lordgenome's daughter, she learns the harsh reason why her father left her to die. She had no prior contact with humans except her father, though she is very curious, pure and innocent. Despite early misgivings from her lineage, she is quickly accepted by Team Dai-Gurren, much to the (initial) irking of Yoko. During her journey, she develops a strong empathy towards Simon and join him in the final confrontation against her father.

    Seven years after the war with the Beastmen, Nia receives a marriage proposal from Simon. She refuses at first, after her bubbly contrived logic causes her to misunderstand his words, but after receiving counseling from Kiyoh and Kiyal, she decides to accept. However, when the population limit is reached, the Anti-Spiral data awakens within her and permanently converts her into an Anti-Spiral virtual lifeform, serving as the Anti Spirals' emissary in charge of Earth's Human Extermination System. But in spite of her emotionless persona and being a step ahead of Team Dai-Gurren, Simon points out to Nia that all her actions and appearances before him were in fact the act of her true feelings of her former self, who urges Simon to keep fighting, allowing Nia to have the strength to return to her former self while ending the Human Extermination. However, she is transported back to the Anti-Spiral homeworld so the data on Team Dai Gurren can be extracted from her for analysis, with Simon vowing to rescue her. Although saved, the Anti-Spiral's death made Nia fade away because her existence as a program is dependant on the Anti-Spiral Race, mustering enough to last through her marriage to Simon before vanishing with only her ring left. In the 20 years later epilogue, a memorial site is seen in her honor, located right next to Kamina's burial ground.


Saji Crossroad

Age: 17 (First half) 24 (Second half)

    Originally a civilian and a senior high school student studying aerospace engineering. In the second season, Saji has allied himself with Celestial Being and is the pilot of the GNR-010 0 Raiser. By the end of the series, Saji having left Celestial Being is watching over Louise while she is recovering at a hospital, and they talk about humanity's future.

Louise Halevy

Age: 17 (First half) 24 (Second half)

    In the first series, Louise Halevy is Saji Crossroad's girlfriend and fellow classmate. She becomes an acquaintance of Setsuna F Seiei when the later becomes Saji's neighbor. While Louise is attending her cousin's wedding, Gundam Throne Meister Nena Trinity attacks the wedding party killing Louise's entire family and causing Louise to lose her left hand. After the attack, she breaks off her relationship with Saji so that he can be free to pursue his dream of working in space.

    In the second series, Louise becomes a member of the A-Laws due to her connections with Ribbons Almark. She learns of Setsuna's connection with Celestial Being after meeting him at a party held by Ribbons. During the A-Laws attack on Celestial Being's asteroid base, she discovers that Saji helping Celestial Being and assumes that he has been with Celestial Being all along. Her hatred for Celestial Being grows, first after the reported death of Soma Peries and later when her commanding officer is killed in action. After the collapse of the Africa tower, she learns that Andrei Smirnov killed his own father. Shocked by the revelation and Andrei's callousness, she wonders if she could ever do the same to Saji.