1. Siblings

2. Loves

3. Children

4. Other Relations

1. Siblings

April's Bio

Name: Hilda Gretchen April Parell

AKA: Mama and Sissy

Birthdate: 10/10/70

Age: 32

P.O.B.: Berlin, Germany

Species: Human

Hair: Dark blonde

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'10"

Occupation: Accountant

Love Status: Single with one ex-husband

Likes: Daniel, Kathy, reading, candies, cooking, anime, manga, pajamas, TV, music, and rain

Outfit: White tank top, long dark blue jean skirt, and white and silver flat sandals

Van: Hercules

Animal Chibi: Dog

    April is a headstrong soul. She watched over Kathy ever since she was a baby. April was the one who introduced her sis to rock. April had a mature mind at thirteen. After she finished high school, April met Arne and they dated for months. At nineteen, they got married. All seemed great at first. But Arne kept cheating on her. April tried to make her marriage work. Then, she became pregnant. It seemed like the answer. But it wasn't. The couple divorced after Daniel was born. Now April and Kathryn raise Daniel.

Jack's Bio

Name: Jack Hon Olafinesser

AKA: Jackie

Birthdate: 7/19/80

Age: 22

P.O.B.: Reykjavik, Iceland

    Jack is Amethyst's older brother. She loves him to pieces. Jack cares for his sis like she was his own daughter. Amethyst followed her brother around constantly. He was even the one who taught her how to skate, drive, and got her into anime, manga, and Japan. Now, Jack lives in South Korea with his girlfriend, Cynthia.

Mai's Bio

Name: Mai Lan Trai

AKA: Bich

Birthdate: 3/5/94

Age: 8

P.O.B.: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Mai is Jasper and Quan's little sister. She is a little sweetie. Jasper protects her. Quan ignores her. Addi protects her too. Mai brings joy to everyone.

Pecola's Bio

Name: Pecola Hanna Lovebreed

AKA: Cola

Birthdate: 8/4/91

Age: 11

P.O.B.: Lorain, Ohio

Species: Human

Occupation: Student

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 4'11"

Love Status: Single

Likes: Dolls, pretty things, jewelry, Noiz, Shirley Temple, manga, Meredith, Tami, Choki, jump rope, cats, toys, and games

Outfit: Little red dress, light blue jacket, white stockings, black Mary Jane shoes, and a yellow hat with a pale blue ribbon around it

Animal Chibi: Robin

    Pecola is Noiz's adopted sister under Tami. The girl had a rough childhood. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother was overworked. They all lived in a shabby apartment. Pecola believed she was ugly and wanted blue eyes to make her beautiful. She had no friends. Then, Noiz came along and befriended Pecola while in Ohio. She helped the girl feel great about herself. Noiz even battled Pecola's parents. The woman eventually adopted the girl as her sister. Pecola lives with Tami, Meredith, Kyo, Choki, and Todd.

Quan's Bio

Name: Quan Chien Trai

AKA: Quy

Birthdate: 1/27/89

Age: 13

P.O.B.: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Quan is Jasper's younger brother. He is training to be a priest as well. He has all qualities but there is one block: Addi. Quan has a HUGE crush on Polly's understudy. Now he has to choose between religion and love. Quan is very distant to Jasper and Mai. Jas wants her bro to live a normal life.

Todd's Bio

Name: Todd Jack Green

AKA: Tater Salad

Birthdate: 7/14/86

Age: 16

P.O.B.: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Species: Human

Occupation: Student

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Navy

Height: 5'5"

Love Status: Single

Like: Anime, manga, rock music, Christa, Poseidon, and causing chaos

Outfit: Baggy black t-shirt, dark blue baggy jeans, black sandals, brown fingerless gloves, and a camouflage headband

Animal Chibi: Shark

    Todd is Noiz's adopted younger brother under Tami. He gives Tami grey hairs. He is the black sheep. The police know the boy too well! Noiz took Todd off the streets against his will. He smoke, snorts, and drinks all of the time. Todd fights constantly. Tami and Noiz are trying to set the boy straight. Todd and Rob don't get along all.

Nia Anetakis:

Age: 13

    Nia is Mandras' younger sister. Mandras thought she was dead until T.J. and Nobu found her on Red Plum lane. Nia was being sold as a love slave. The men saved the young virgin by kidnapping her and taking her to the academy. Mandras was surprised to see his sister again. Nia and Shona are close.

Umiko's Bio

Name: Umiko Megumi Shigi

AKA: Lyla, Horsy, and Bunny

Birthdate: 2/1/79

Age: 23

P.O.B.: Sapporo, Japan

Species: Demimortal

Occupation: Writer

Hair: Lilac

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'9"

Love Status: Single

Likes: Men, music, sake, Gorillaz, Oasis, partying, hentai, sex, anime, manga, Japan, shopping, picking on Miho, and fashion

Outfit: Pink sweater, black miniskirt, grey pantyhose, black high-heeled boots, and a red hair band

Car: Cayuse

Animal Chibi: Donkey

    Umiko is Miho's older sister. They were both born on a farm. She and Miho fought repeatedly. Umiko is the girly one of the two. She had a typical childhood. Umiko got many dates in high school. She went to Tokyo University for college. Today, Umiko is a popular writer. She still picks on and fights with Miho. She hates Hankosa with a passion!

2. Loves

Cho's Bio

Name: Cho Michiko Uchiha

AKA: Cho-chan

Birthdate: 4/19/85

Age: 17

P.O.B.: Nara, Japan

Species: Human

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'5"

Love Status: Dating

Likes: Stanly, anime, manga, make-up, music, Sneaker Pimps, singing, tai-chi, art, green tea, Natasha Beddingfield, vegetables, and swimming

Outfit: Light blue and white Japanese-style schoolgirl uniform, white pantyhose, black leather dress shoes, a silver bracelet, and a big light blue ribbon in her hair

Animal Chibi: Yorkie

    Cho is Stanly's girlfriend. She was the first person close to him. Cho is his cheerleader. She lives a normal life. Cho is her mother's saint. Her father is a business man and is away most of the time. Cho met Stanly at school when he was new. They became close friends. In time, she and Stanly fell in love and became a couple. Ann and Cho clash a lot.

Chris's Bio

Name: Christopher Andrew King

AKA: Chris, Big Man, and Black Dog

Birthdate: 1/29/60

Age: 42

P.O.B.: Charleston, South Carolina

Species: Human

Occupation: Cop and art student

Hair: Dark blonde

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'4"

Love Status: Married

Likes: Ann, anime, motorcycles, manga, guns, hunting, fishing, samurai movies, comedies, action films, music, hot spicy food, Drew Carey, knives, Ryan Styles, Stanly, and baseball

Outfit: Black t-shirt, dark blue jeans, black boots, his dad's army dog tags, and his silver wedding band

Motorcycle: Spirit

Animal Chibi: Black lab dog

    Chris lived a mediocre life. His dad was in the army. His mom worked two jobs to make end meet. Chris was happy throughout his child years.

    At thirteen, Chris's father died of lung cancer. The boy became man of the house. He soon had to get a job to support his mother and his younger brother. At fifteen, Chris worked as a volunteer firefighter. He loved helping people so he decided to become a police officer.

    At eighteen, Chris went to the police academy. He worked hard to get to the top. Chris graduated early.

    In the spring, Chris met a girl named Paris and they married months later. A year later, they had twin girls, Apple and Honey. Chris and Paris lived an average life. That was until a Goth princess swept in.

    Chris was called on duty to protect a young girl that was found near death floating in a river in the woods. Chris reported to the hospital and met Ann.

    For months, Chris took care of Ann. She told him everything about her past. He decided to care for her even when off duty. In time, Chris fell in love with Ann and divorced Paris. In December, Chris and Ann got married.

    Soon after that, Chris and Ann had their first child, Stanly, three years later. Then the next year, Bethany was born. Despite Ann's occasional depression spells, life was good. But tragedy struck.

    While Chris took Ann on a date, Arsine and his boys broke into their house, beat and locked Stanly in the closet and killed Bethany. When Chris and his wife found their child dead, Chris vowed revenge.

    As the years went on, Ann's depression grew worse. It was time to move away. But to where? The answer came to Chris while cleaning through Ann's things. He found some of her writings. He liked them so much. Then, Chris remembered Tokyo-Zion Academy's ad for more staff members and Japan was the answer. So he picked the family up and they moved to Japan.

    Chris got Ann the job at TZA and moved on campus. Chris himself is now a cop in Tokyo. He and Stanly still have to protect Ann from the police and cult. Chris is currently studying how to become an artist.

Christa's Bio

Name: Christa Robin Louis

AKA: Chris

Birthdate: 2/10/86

Age: 16

    Christa is Todd's girlfriend. She is bi-sexual and open-minded. Chris is a very passionate girl and completely strong. She will not stop until there is a difference in life. Christa is well-loved by everyone. She and Todd's relationship mirrors Noiz and Rob's in a sense.

Derek's Bio

Name: Derek Mark Sutton

AKA: Love and Boo

Birthdate: 8/13/84

Age: 18

P.O.B.: Chicago, Illinois

    Derek is Jasper's boyfriend. He is a charming young man. The boy treats the priestess like a princess. Derek also respects her life as a priestess. He plans to marry her real soon.

Kurt's Bio

Name: Kurtis Sebastian Davidson

AKA: Kurt

Birthdate: 8/12/85

Age: 17

P.O.B.: Charlotte, North Carolina

    Kurt is Jamie's boyfriend. He hates being in one place for too long. Kurt convinced Jamie to travel around Japan with him. She didn't want to at first. But in time, she grew to like it. Kurt lived with his mom and grandpa. His mom dotes on Jamie all of the time. Kurt and his grandpa do not get along too well. The boy has a car named Talon.

Kyo's Bio

Name: Kyo Tenchi Oh

AKA: Kyo-sama

Birthdate: 10/4/54

Age: 48

P.O.B.: Kyoto, Japan

    Kyo is Tami's husband and Choki's father. He is level-headed and the man holds the family together. He came from a powerful samurai clan. Kyo ran away from home when the clan began to fall apart. In high school, he met and fall in love with Tami. They later married and had a daughter. Life was great until the family was separated during the exile. Kyo, Choki, and Tami were reunited last Christmas. Kyo is firm and fair.

Lap's Bio

Name: Lap Fu Chan

AKA: Kung-Fu

Birthdate: 11/11/84

Age: 18

P.O.B.: Hong Kong, China

Species: 1/4 immortal

Occupation: Student

Hair: Black

Eye: Blue

Height: 6'3"

Love Status: Dating

Likes: Anime, video games, manga, cars, Sapphire, girls, J-rock, Hong Kong, night, vespas, and China

Outfit: Navy Tommy Hill figure t-shirt, baggy blue jeans, brown sandals, and blue-tint glasses

Animal Chibi: Beaver

    Lap is Sapphire's boyfriend. He is witty and charming. The boy comes from a high-class family. He went to privates school all thirteen school years with straight A's. Lap was bored with his life until he met the fine-legged Sapphire on spring to Shanghai. They fell in love quickly. Sadly, Sapphire and Lap had to part for the rest of the year. But Lap found Sapphire again in Tokyo, Japan. He took a plane just to get to her. Now, Lap lives in the Kame dorm house with the college girls. He loves Suki to pieces.

Matt's Bio

Name: Matthew Charles Laurence

AKA: Matt and Matt-bear

Birthdate: 1/19/82

Age: 20

P.O.B.: Darwin, Australia

Species: Demimortal

Occupation: Security guard

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'8"

Love Status: Engaged

Likes: Anime, Liz, manga, driving, surfing, snowboarding, kids, soda, junk food, rock, Gwen Stefani, guitars, British comedies, No Doubt, Tae-Kwon-Do, and Foo Fighters

Outfit: Dark blue jeans, black t-shirt, brown leather sandals, and a brown leather jacket

Jeep: Thunder II

Animal Chibi: Dolphin

    Matt is a girl's Australian dream. He is hot enough to melt wax. The boy was a bit nerdy growing up. He didn't score well with the ladies at first but when Matt showed his side, he became a potential lover. By high school, Matt's charm blossomed with him. Soon, ladies flocked to him left and right. He didn't find a date perfect for him until college. By freshman year of college, Matt met Liz and courted her. By junior year, he purposed to her and she accepted. Now, they live together in Tokyo.

Takeo's Bio

Name: Takeo Ichiro Yamaguchi

AKA: Stud and Take-kun

Birthdate: 5/27/80

Age: 22

P.O.B.: Osaka, Japan

Species: Human

Occupation: Heir

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'3"

Love Status: Dating

Likes: Miho, women, anime, manga, money, motorcycles, cars, music, the rich life, and lavish parties

Outfit: Black jeans, navy and brown kimono top, white tabi socks, and brown Japanese-style sandals

Car: Atlas

Animal Chibi: Dog

    Takeo is Miho's boyfriend. He doesn't do much. In fact, he doesn't even hold a job. As Andi states, "He's only famous because he is the son of a famous artist!" She is clearly jealous of Takeo. Miho loves him to pieces. Even Umiko likes him. Takeo comes from a rich family and is to inherit 831,547,093.48 yen. He's not into clubbing.

Mandras Anetakis:

Age: 19

    Mandras is Shona's love interest. She found him dying in the woods behind the academy while looking for herbs. He was shot and poisoned in battle. So his pals left him to die. But Shona came along and nursed him back to health. Thus the two falling in love.

Wes's Bio

Name: Wes Phillip Parks

AKA: Da Man

Birthdate: 7/27/84

Age: 18

P.O.B.: Tallahassee, Florida

    Wes is Ruby's boyfriend. He is the dreamy bad boy that every girl wants. He certainly did a great job stealing Ruby's heart. They are hot and heavy. Wes maybe naughty, but he knows how to treat a lady. He will never cheat on a girl. Wes also owns a tricked out motorcycle called Lancer.

3. Children

Choki's Bio

Name: Choki Ai Oh

AKA: Cho-chan

Birthdate: 1/19/77

Age: 25

P.O.B.: Tokyo, Japan

    Choki is Tami's daughter. She is a responsible angel. Cho got separated from her mother at age ten during the exile. They were reunited at Christmas years later. Choki helps Tami with her "angels".

Daniel's Bio

Name: Daniel Albert Parell

AKA: Dan and Danny

Birthdate: 8/12/91

Age: 11

P.O.B.: Bonn, Germany

Species: Human

Occupation: Intern

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Height: 4'11.5"

Love Status: Single

Likes: Kili, anime, manga, heavy metal, Kathryn, Internet, computers, art, Beastie Boys, swimming, and knives

Outfit: Yellow and green t-shirt, baggy blue jeans, and black sandals

Animal Chibi: Eel

    Daniel is April's son and Kathryn's nephew. He is a bright boy. Both April and Kathy are proud of him. Danny admires him highly. Dan has an interesting life. His dad left when he was Dan had many odd dreams. Turns out, he was a prophet. April knew and kept it a secret until the boy was eleven. Daniel has a crush on Kili.

Justin's Bio

Name: Justin Aaron Ewell

AKA: Alli

Birthdate: 5/17/99

Age: 3

P.O.B.: Seattle, Washington

    Justin is Joise's son. He is a bomb of cuteness. Too bad Joise doesn't treat him like so. She ignores the kid. Maybe because they were together for a short time. Maybe Joise doesn't care. Either way, Justin wants to be with his mother. He like animals.

Stanly's Bio

Name: Stanly James King

AKA: Chief, Stan, and Stan-man

Birthdate: 11/23/85

Age: 17

P.O.B.: Charleston, South Carolina

Species: Human-demon mix

Occupation: Student

Hair: Dark blonde

Eyes: Grey

Height: 5'6"

Love Status: Dating

Likes: Cho, anime, motorcycles, manga, hunting, guns, knives, ghost stories, music, vampires, fishing, cars, kitsune, and myths

Outfit: Dark blue t-shirt, baggy jeans, black sneakers, black baseball cap, red sleeveless jacket, and his grandpa's silver army bracelet

Motorcycle: Raptor

Animal Chibi: Kitsune

    Stanly almost is like Ann in a sense. His life is nearly hard. But Ann wasn't as abusive as her mother. Stan tries to find a religious state of mind since his mother doesn't have one due to his grandma. Stan did have an normal life at first. He did see Ann cry occasionally. But she healed up quickly when she saw him and Bethany. Stan always protected his sister closely. But one night, he failed.

    Ann and Chris went out on a date on July seventh and left the kids with a baby-sitter. Stanly was nine at the time. The baby-sitter was running late. The kids waited patiently. When it got too late, Stan and Beth went to bed. Then the trouble came.

    Arsine and his thugs broke into the house and attacked the kids. Stanly was beaten to unconsciousness and locked in the closet. Minutes later, the baby-sitter arrived and Stanly came to. When he heard the sitter, the boy pounded hard on the door. The baby-sitter found Stanly and got him out. They found Bethany drowned to death and bound by her hands in the tub.

    Life after that was harsh for Stanly. Ann slapped him around more often. Stanly was picked on at school because of Ann, her depression, and her past. The adults in the town told him they'd love to see Ann in prison for her life in the cult. Things were so bad for Stan that he almost considered suicide. But Chris got him out of the sorrow pool. When the family moved to Japan, Stanly was happy again.

    Stanly lives a great life now. Ann still hits him, but he doesn't care. Stanly has better grades and a girlfriend named Cho now. He and his dad still have to protect Ann and help her get better. Stanly goes to therapy for help more often.

Ume's Bio

Name: Ume Aika Benson

AKA: Ume-chan

Birthdate: 6/25/71

Age: 18 months

P.O.B.: Tokyo, Japan

    Ume is Noiz and Rob's kid. She came into existence out of revenge. Good Noiz got tried of Bad Noiz beating up on her all the time. So the angel kitty read some demon hunter books. She came across an interesting fact: if the host produced a child, their demon's power would decrease by 75%. This lead GN to switch Noiz's birth control with a placebo. And in October, Noiz found herself pregnant. BN was pissed! She tried to attack her sister every chance she got, but to no avail. GN had made a powerful shield.

    Then nine months later, Ume was born. She has been the joy in her parents' lives ever since.

4. Other Relations

Andrea's Bio

Name: Andrea Viola Li

AKA: Vi and Ann

Birthdate: 5/30/50

Age: 52

P.O.B.: Osaka, Japan

    Andrea is Rob's sire. She is a tough woman. She dotes on Noiz and Ume a lot. Ann and Tami are close friends. She does everything in her power to keep her son and his wife together.

Daryl Wilcox:

Age: 39

    Daryl is Louise's ex-husband. He and Louise were once happily married. But Daryl kept cheating on her. Lou couldn't take it anymore, so she filed for divorce. Now, Daryl wants her back. He is a HUGE pervert!!!

Tami's Bio

Name: Tami Kayko Oh

AKA: Momma

Birthdate: 2/9/56

Age: 46

P.O.B.: Kyoto, Japan

Species: Human

Hair: Black and grey

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'10.5"

Love Status: Married

Likes: Noizchild, Aden, Choki, Kyo, Pecola, Todd, Plum, spring, cherry blossoms, the lake, summer, cleaning, Japan, classic music, cats, and books

Outfit: Black and gold kimono, white tabi socks, gold obi, and black Japanese-style sandals

Animal Chibi: Lobster

    Tami is Noizchild, Aden, Pecola, and Todd's sire. She loves her children to pieces even though they drive her crazy. Tami had to grow up fast. She had to because her mom had bone cancer and her dad died when she was born. Tami fought hard to survive. She had to. The price of it? Tami wasn't a child.

    At sixteen, Tami met Kyo. They became close friends. At eighteen, they fell in love. At twenty, Tami married Kyo in the spring. A year later, Tami gave birth to daughter Choki. It was strange for her at first. But then, Tami loved it.

    But fate stabbed her in the back. During the exile, Tami was separated from her husband and daughter. After the exile, she was alone.

    But years later, she took in her adopted children and she felt better. In 2071, Tami was reunited with Kyo and Choki. She acts strict towards everyone younger then her.