Chapter Thirty-Eight: Family Stress:

Daiyu stared at her phone and sighed. Her parents refused to take her calls at this point. I don’t understand them, she thought. She’s their granddaughter!

This feud had gone on for close to a year. Her sister always lived in her own world of freedom. She didn’t care about what their parents thought. Daiyu couldn’t get her.

“Sister,” she said. “Why do you upset Mama and Papa so much?” Ngo stretched her arms above her head.

“Does it matter?” she asked.


Ngo leaned into her younger sister’s face as she grinned. “I do what I like. I will live my life how I like it. They get no say on how I am.” Her words stirred something within Daiyu. She grew to adore her big sister even more. Ngo always told her tales of her wild exploits. Their parents on the other hand, weren’t too happy with their older daughter’s hard partying lifestyle.

“You are in your twenties!” their father yelled at Ngo. “You need to settle down and find a good husband soon!

Ngo all but laughed at him. “No.”

“Are you telling me no?”


Her father’s face turned bright red as his eyes flashed gold. “May I ask why?”

Ngo flicked back her long black hair. “I refused to be a weak and submissive housewife like Mama.”

“What did you say?!”

“I am going to be my own woman.” Ngo’s speech and power to defy their father always marveled Daiyu.

That was until her older sister fell in love.

In one night, Ngo changed. She became obsessed with this Japanese human man. Things got worse when Ngo became pregnant. The family had so many questions.

“How could you let him be walking around alive?” her father asked. “Are you not aware of our kind’s nature?”

“Yes I am,” Ngo said, rubbing her stomach.

“Then why did you spare him?”

“Because I love Aki.”

Her father snorted. “Don’t be ridiculous!”

“I’m not!”

“You? In love with a human?”

“Yes! Why is that hard for you to believe?”

“It’s not in our nature!”

“Our nature! Our nature! Our nature! Why is it always about our nature? Humans don’t always follow their nature! Why should we?!”

Her father’s nostrils flared. “If you keep seeing that dirty human, you aren’t welcome here anymore!”

“Fine. I will move out!” Ngo lived with Aki in his apartment for the next nine months. After the baby was born, the parents were dead.

Daiyu sighed as she looked at the ceiling. Papa, how could you be so cruel? She might be half breed, but she’s your granddaughter! Their father refused to listen to his younger daughter’s reasoning.

“I have no grandchild!” he yelled.

“But…” Daiyu said before he hung up on her.

“Why, Papa?” she asked. The girl lifted her head when she heard footsteps shuffling. Daiyu sat up as fast as lighting.

“Who’s there?” she asked. The Mother stepped out from around the corner.

“Just a friend with the same problem as you,” she said. Daiyu raised an eyebrow at her.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked. The Mother now stood inches away from the mother girl.

“I don’t want the child and you do,” she said.


The Mother grinned like her fox nature. “I can help you out.”

“And why would you want to do that?”

“Why shouldn’t I?” Her tone sounded as smooth as velvet poison.