Fighting Back


I donít understand this! Why should we sit back and wait to die? I donít want to die yet. I have to find a way to best Namie at her own game.

However, I know I canít do this alone.

The problem is I donít know who the others like me are. Thereís Phoenix, Ayame, Liberty, and Dan. I know Phoenix is looking for the other as I speak. Itís not enough however. I donít know who they are or how to contact them. Some of them may not have phones or an email address. A few might be homeless. The worst part is I donít even know where to look.

ďWhat if there are the ones who want to die?Ē Phoenix asked me outside of the flower shop. She does have a point. Maybe there are those who happy to die in a year like this. Still, I just canít quit. I refuse to die they way. There has to be some way to end this curse before next yearís Fire Festival.

Tonight, I began to do research on vampires. Namie must have some sort of weakness. I typed in ďvampireís weaknessesĒ and hit search. The results disappointed me at first. They were either myths or flat-out ridiculous.

Garlic?, I thought. Really? Like thatís going to help out in this case. I need something stronger. I didnít care if I had to stay up until three in the morning to find the answer. I prepared myself for the long haul. Maybe I should narrow down the search a little bit.

Around eleven, I came upon a promising lead. The link title was called ďVampire Hunting.Ē Right away, I felt like singing. This could work or it could be a bust. I clicked the text to see.

A page of vampire-hunting popped up on the screen. I didnít think the site would be so through. I took down notes. I read through the whole site carefully. Close to midnight, I found the answer I needed.

ďThe best way to kill a vampire is fire,Ē I read. That could work. I just need to isolate her for the kill. I could take her out with a flaming bow and arrow, but how do I get a clear shot of my target? I need more information on my guest. My own sources are not equipped to kill vampires.

This is where Phoenix comes back into play. Right now, sheís probably asleep in bed. Looks like Iíll have to wait until morning. Well, until the sun rises. I sat back and glanced at the clock on the screen. Huh? Itís already one in the morning? Damn, Iíve been up that long? Suddenly, an IM popped up on my screen. Curious, I clicked on the box. The message sent me into shock.

My number is eight. Tell me how to beat this curse.

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