Chapter Ten: Fighting Myself:

Hisoka sat in his room around lunchtime. His bitterness came back to beat him again.

�Just look at you,� Kohaku cooed. �Just look at you.� Hisoka lifted his head and saw the kitsune grinning at him. The shinigami rolled his eyes.

�Don�t you ever give up?� he asked. It smirked as it narrowed its eyes.

�Aw, Hisoka-kun,� the child said. �You�re so mean!�

�Go away!� the shinigami hissed. �I�m here because of you!� Kohaku�s lips twitched into a smile.

�Is that really it?� the child asked. �Or is it because of your partner�s love for his wife?� Hisoka gritted his teeth.

�Shut up!� he hissed. The kitsune leered at him.

�O-h!� it said, �So I am right!�

�Shut up!�

�Why should I? You know it�s the truth! Am I right?�

�I said shut up!�

Kohaku gave him a crooked smiled, �But you know I am right. Just admit it, that lady has a point.�

Hisoka flopped back on his bead. Kohaku lied on top of its prey.

�Aw,� it cooed, �Admit it, you are jealous of Anna.� Hisoka turned his head away. Kohaku leaned down to his neck.

�You�re so stubborn,� the child whispered. �That�s what I like about you. But seriously, say it. Say you are jealous of Anna.�

�No, I�m not!� Hisoka barked.

�Look me in the eye and say it,� the kitsune commanded. �Look me in the eyes and say it!� Hisoka froze when he heard that. Lying wouldn�t work, Kohaku could see through them. Hisoka frowned at his disposition.

�Fine,� he mumbled. Kohaku leered at him.

�Hm?� it asked. The shinigami clutched his sheets.

�Tell me something,� he said. �Why are you still around?� Kohaku looked down at him when it heard that question.

�Hisoka-kun,� the kitsune cooed. �You already know why.�

�No, I don�t,� the prey grumbled. The kitsune turned the boy�s face to it and leaned down for a kiss.

�I feed off your jealousy and displeasure,� the child murmured. Hisoka�s eyes widened in alarm as their lips touched. He pushed it off as fast as he could. Kohaku sat on the floor smirking.

�Why so cruel, my love?� the kitsune cooed. Hisoka sat up glaring at it.

�Don�t call me that!� he snapped. Kohaku pretended to look hurt.

�But why not?� the child asked.

�You don�t love me!� the shinigami snapped. �You just love to toy with me!�

�But I�m not lying,� Kohaku insisted. �As long as you stay jealous and angry at Anna, I will stay and love you.� Hisoka rose to his feet frowning.

�Hey, where are you going?� Kohaku asked.

�I have therapy!� the shinigami barked as he headed out the door. Kohaku smiled as the heavy wood slid shut.

�That�s okay,� the kitsune child muttered. �I will be right here waiting.�

In the hallway, Hisoka heard, �I know how to beat it.� The shinigami looked to see a girl about twelve years old with long red hair waiting just inches from him. She bowed her head.

�I�ve been expecting you,� she said with elegance.