Chapter Thirty-Nine: Fighting Tide:

Tsuzuki could see that the barrier wouldn’t hold much longer either. They had to finish this now! How long had it been? Somehow, that was irrelevant. Anna hasn’t been picking up her phone.

“Is she doing okay?” Tsuzuki asked. He looked at the sky. Something about it gave him pause. Purple waves floated through the sky. He could see little holes of light. Tsuzuki reached up towards them.

“How long do you plan to keep this up, Haruka?” he asked. “Do you hate Usagi-chan that much to kill yourself?” The shinigami shook his head. How could the need to live come down to this? His heart ached for the whole Eda-Kimoto clan. So blood and death. They used to be good people. They just got sick of dying so soon. Everyone in their villages relied on them. But the clan couldn’t save themselves.

Tsuzuki put his hand to his chest. Still no excuse for murder. This had to stop. Anna shouldn’t live for revenge. She should be enjoying her life with her new family. They were married with a baby girl at home. Haruka wouldn’t let them enjoy the peace. She had to go. This had to end.

Suddenly, a high-pitched whistle filled the air. Tsuzuki turned his head. That whistle filled the air. Tsuzuki turned his head. That whistle filled the air. The shinigami smiled.

“Ah,” he said. Tsuzuki held out his right hand. The whistling grew closer. Closer. Closer. Closer…


Tsuzuki grinned. He looked at the glowing weapon in his hand. The light started to die away. Copper wires held tow long silver poles together. Tsuzuki looked at it for a moment.

“Hm…” he said. The shinigami took out his remaining stones and his fuda. Tsuzuki set them on his weapon. All started to glow as they vanished. The poles and wires started to become full. Tsuzuki smiled.

“That’s more like it,” he said. But the weapon wasn’t complete. The shinigami knew why. Nevertheless, he had the advantage now.

“Hang on, Usagi, Airi-chan!” Tsuzuki said. “I’m coming for you. Let’s end this!” The shinigami flew to what he believed was north.


Watari turned to Tatsumi as the table’s light started to brighten up and grow dim.

“We did it,” he said.

“Seems that why,” the other shinigami said, pushing up his glasses. “Now what?” Watari grinned.

“Tatsumi,” he said. “Go out to Hotaru’s party.” Tatsumi gave him a funny look.

“Why?” he asked.

“Come on,” the blonde scientist said. “There’s still time. Bon’s there. You could go and at least say hi.”

“And what about you?” the other shinigami asked. Watari shrugged.

“I will stay behind just in case,” he said. “I’ll be fine. I will take it from here.” Tatsumi narrowed his eyes.

“If I go, will you shut up about it?” he asked. Watari nodded like a little child. The other shinigami rolled his eyes.

“Fine,” he said.

“Thank you for your hard work,” Watari said. Tatsumi rolled his eyes.

“Good night,” he said. The men bowed and Tatsumi walked out of the lab.


Tatsumi rang Hotaru’s doorbell. He waited until the door opened.

“Tatsumi!” Hotaru said. “So good to see you. Come on in!”

“Good evening,” the shinigami said. They bowed and she let him in.