Chapter Seven: Firework Love:

-7:48 p.m.-

“I’m home,” Tsuzuki said.

“Welcome back,” Anna greeted him. He found her sitting in the living room. The shinigami stared her down.

“It was just a kiss,” Anna said.

“I know,” he said. Tsuzuki walked over and kissed her. His wife looked slightly puzzled. But, she half expected it. Tsuzuki pushed her back and sat up.

“I trust you,” he said. “It’s him I don’t trust.” The shinigami removed his tie. “How’s Kirika-chan?”

“Good,” Anna said. “I just put her to bed.”

“Nice,” Tsuzuki said. He took off his jacket.

“Asato-kun,” she said.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Are you okay?” Anna asked. “You seem a little…”

“What?” he asked.

“I don’t know… Pissed off, maybe?” she asked. Tsuzuki unbuttoned his shirt.

“What gave you that impression?” he asked.



“Jotaro is…”

He pressed his finger to her lips. “Let’s not talk about him, okay?”


“Let’s not talk about him.” Tsuzuki took off his shirt. His eyes looked cold but filled with lust. Anna closed her mouth.

“Are we going to do it here?” she asked. “Can we at least go to our room?” Tsuzuki tossed aside his shirt.

“Fine,” he said. The shinigami took her hand and led her down the hall.


Anna flopped back onto their futon. Tsuzuki knelt over her. He grabbed her brown and red shirt. His wife didn’t resist. She only took it. The only thing that annoyed her was the way he was acting out his frustration.

“Asato-kun,” she said. “If you are upset about something, talk to me.”

“I’m not upset,” he said. Her shirt ended up on the floor.

“Yeah, you are,” Anna said. She grabbed his pants and unzipped them. “You are just not saying it.” Anna slid down his trousers. He looked her in the eye.

“I’m telling you, I’m not,” he said. The shinigami untied the bow on her long white skirt. By now, she could only give up. He wasn’t going to say it. Anna lay on her back and sighed. She closed her eyes.

“Fine,” Anna said. “If this calms you down, then go ahead.” The couple finished getting undressed. Tsuzuki huddled over her as Anna spread her thick thighs. He gave her a quick kiss.


It’s raining tonight. An elevator rose to the top floor of an onyx glass high rise. A man in a nice black suit stepped out.

“I didn’t know this was up here,” he said, looking around. The man looked for a light switch.

“Don’t,” a woman’s voice said. The man’s eyes shifted left and right.

“Who’s there?” he asked.

“Look up here,” she said. The man looked ahead in the darkness. A woman in a long gold dress lounged on a sofa of black pillows. A gold feather pin held up her hair. She smirked as her brown eyes stayed fixed on him.

“Good evening,” she said. The man gave her an odd look.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I own this place,” she said. “Or rather… we own this place.”

“We?” he asked.

“Why yes,” she said. The man looked up when he heard humming. A woman in a light pink dress looked out the window. A black sash held her itty-bitty waist tightly. Roses held up her long pink hair. Butterflies flew around her as she sang. Her voice made the man’s cheeks flushed red. The butterflies multiplied as some turned bright green. They danced around and took the shape of another woman. She stood naked with her eyes closed. Black hair grew out of the bald head. White roses held it in place. She looked so pale as a green silk sheet covered her waist. Butterflies flew around her feet. The woman slowly opened her eyes.

“Good evening,” she said, bowing. The man bowed his head. His nose caught the smell of lavender perfume. He turned his head to the right. Another woman stood on the other side of the room. She looked older in make-up, jewelry, and long purple dress. Her long grey hair made her look more elegant.

“Good evening,” she said as she bowed. The man bowed as well. The woman on the couch smirked.

“Welcome to your judgement,” she said.


Tsuzuki held Anna is his arms as he slept. This wasn’t going to be the last time he would get his stress out like this.