The First Contract

It only takes one moment to cause everything to unfold.

Baby Doll couldn’t remember the exact details. Tokyo ‘87 didn’t notice it and still couldn’t see it. The boys didn’t notice it until it was too late. Masayuki only caught it at the last second. He happened to look into her room and see her floating off of the ground, glowing. She had her mouth wide open. Masayuki ran into her room.

“Baby Doll!” he shouted. The boy ran in and grabbed her by the shoulders. Her body felt so cold to the touch. It didn’t take long for her to snap back into reality. The angel stared at him with no expression on her face. She appeared to be looking through him.

“Masayuki?” she asked in a small voice.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “What happened to you?”

“I guess…” Baby Doll said. “I don’t what just happened.” Masayuki opened his mouth to speak.

“Baby, did you get those batteries?” Natalia asked from down the hall. Baby Doll jumped to attention.

“Ah! Sure, sure!” she said. “Hang on!” The angel ran over to the dresser drawer. Masayuki ran over to help her. He wasn’t sure if he should share with everyone what he had just witnessed. In truth, he couldn’t make out what it was either. Something inside of him told him to stay by Baby Doll has this typhoon made landfall.

-Twenty Minutes Earlier-

Baby Doll went upstairs to go get extra batteries for the flashlights. Everything appeared to be in its rightful place. But yet, she couldn’t shake the feeling of being stalked. Baby Doll tried her best to ignore it all morning. The angels warned her about giving certain creatures her attention in fear of feeding it. As the day wore on, her nerves started to snap.

In her room, Baby Doll finally turned around.

“What?!” she snapped. “What do you want from me?!” That was all it took. Her body became limp. The whole room around became silent. She couldn’t move. Baby Doll’s eyes shifted back and forth.

What… What is this?

She could feel a pickling sensation crawling up her spine. Then came the feeling of something or someone stabbing an icy knife through her back. Baby Doll gasped as blood trailed down the corner of her mouth. She glanced behind her but couldn’t speak.

Who… Who are you?

A pair of invisible hands seized her stiff body. The nail tips cutting through her shirt. The next few words sealed these next three days.

“Do not be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you. All you have to do is give your body over to me. It will only be for a short time. You see the reason all in due time.” The voice sounded so calming. It didn’t take much for them to fully take over.

And because she spoke, all three groups would be stuck in a storm bigger than the one heading for them tomorrow.