Chapter Twenty-Six: Fool Queen:

�You took the first step,� Carrie said with a flashlight on Hisoka under a sheet.

�Yeah,� the boy said dryly. Carrie noticed the look on his face.

�What�s wrong?� she asked. Hisoka pressed his lips together.

�Everyone saw it was a problem,� he said.

�And now?� she asked. He lowered his head.

�Even I know it�s a problem,� he grumbled. Carrie gave him an odd look.

�And� you don�t like that?� she asked.

�It was easier being blind to it,� the shinigami answered. His light never left her face.

�So what are you going to do now?� the red-haired girl asked. Hisoka leered at her.

�Hm?� he asked.

�You admitted you have a problem,� Carrie said. �What will you do?�

�I have no idea,� he admitted. �I have to finish treatment here.� Hisoka paused as another question came into his head. �And what about you?� he asked.

�What about me?� Carrie asked.

�Why are you here?� the shinigami asked. The younger girl felt her heart twinge with sorrow.

�My sister was murdered,� she explained. �They never found the killer.�

�Oh,� Hisoka murmured. �I�m sorry.� Carrie shook her head.

�I�m fine now,� she told him. �But, what about you?� Hisoka blinked puzzled.

�What about me?� he asked.

�Are you okay?� Carrie asked, �Be honest here.� Hisoka drew his mouth closed. She gave him a little smile.

�It�s okay,� the girl whispered. �Take your time if you have to.� Hisoka gave her a strange look.

�Just who are you?� he asked. Carrie reached out and tapped him on the tip of his nose.

�A friend,� she replied. �Just a friend.� Hisoka couldn�t understand this girl. All of drugs and Jessie�s spell messed up his powers. As a result, no emotions flowed through him. This little redhead clearly wasn�t human, that�s for sure. She clearly wasn�t a shinigami either. How did she even get in the treatment center in the first place? Even more so, why was she so interested in him?

�You have to let go of him, you know?� she spoke up. Hisoka glanced over from his thoughts.

�What?� he asked. Carrie looked at him seriously.

�Let your partner go,� she said. �He�s happily married now.� Hisoka froze at her words.

�Wait, I never told you about Tsuzuki,� he said. �How did�� Carrie put her finger to his lips.

�Patients here talk,� she said in a low voice. Hisoka lowered his eyes in shame.

�But seriously, let him go,� she said. �Don�t you want him to be happy?� The shinigami bit his lower lip sheepishly.

�But I can�t�� he murmured. Carrie let her fingertips caress his right cheek.

�You have to,� she said. �Otherwise, you won�t be able to move on.� Hisoka looked down at her hand. She told the truth to his face, but his heart still wouldn�t listen.