Forest Hike
Dateline: Bast has came back to Earth and she and Gomamon went on a little together. But  Joe and Yanci caught them both!
Chapter One:
Guadloupe fixed up her hair a little bit while looking in the mirror. It had only been one day since she had evoled from Gwen into her present form and she kinda missed being Gwen. Then she sat down on the royal velvet red sofa and waited for her finace, T.K., to come and pick her up. Then the doorbell rang and Guadloupe got up and walked to the door. She slowly opened the door. T.K. was at the door."Hey Guadeloupe. So you're ready?" T.K. asked. "Yes." she said. Then he took her by the hand and walked her down the stairs. She and him planned a long in the forest two months before the wedding. "I just hope this works out fine." T.K. thought. "Which path are we taking?" Guadeloupe asked. "Right, because it's shorter." he said. Then he led her trough.