Chapter Twenty-Two: Fox Chase and Trap:

Outside, Haruka had her own plans to kill Anna. Lucky for her, she found the perfect pawn for her latest scheme.

She picked up her phone in the darkened living room.

“Hello?” she asked. “I am sorry to bother you so late. But I need a favor.” The conversation lasted about five minutes. Haruka’s lips curved into a smile.

“Excellent,” she said. “Thank you so much. Goodbye.” Haruka’s eyes glowed in the dark as she hung up.


Jotaro had been on his own for quite sometime now. He still had his wealth. But, freedom tasted better. His father never cared about him. It was always save the clan. Save the clan. Save the clan. Save the clan! It was like Jotaro never existed to him.

His thoughts became distracted by a car going by outside. Jotaro looked out the window. Who’d driving around at two in the morning?

This wasn’t the first night either.

Jotaro didn’t know if this was stalking or in his head. It’s just a car, right? Tonight, he saw a light in the distance.

“What is…?” he began to ask. The kitsune froze. He bolted out of his apartment. He packed up a bag to be gone for a few days. It had been packed for three weeks now. He didn’t think he’d have to use it.

That all changed tonight.

Jotaro pulled out his phone. The other line rang as he hurried down the stairs. Come on! Pick up! Pick up!

“The number you have dialed is either out of rang or turned off,” the operator said.

“Damn it!” Jotaro snapped. He ran to the street. The neighborhood was empty around this hour. He couldn’t stop, however. That car would be coming back. The young kitsune could only go one place. Jotaro took a breath and started running.


Kato’s on the move again. He lifted his head. His lips curved into a smirk.

“Ah,” the ghost said. The old man disappointed from his hiding place. Two hunters came into the same spot.

“Damn it! Where did he go?” one of them asked. The other hunter scanned the darkness.

“He hadn’t gotten far,” he said. His partner turned to him.

“Really?” he asked. The partner nodded once.

“Where?” the first hunter asked. The second one pointed upwards. His partner looked up.

“Oh!” he said. The ghost pushed but wasn’t worried.

“Heh,” he said. “You got me. But…” Kato knelt down and flew up higher into the sky.

“You won’t catch me!” he shouted. The ghost took off as fast as he could. The hunters gave chase. How long would they keep this up? Even Kato didn’t have the answer. That wasn’t on his mind.

“The war is ending soon!” he yelled. “I have to see it through! So sorry!” The old man disappeared into the clouds.

“Hey!” one of the hunters yelled. Kato smiled over his shoulder.

“I can’t go with you until the wat’s over!” he shouted. “Wait for me until then!” The old man disappeared into thin air. The hunters were left with blank stares on their faces.

“Huh?” they asked.


Haruka sat alone in her living room. She took a sip of sake with no emotion on her face. She knew the end of the war was heading for her.