Chapter Forty: Fox Wedding:

-August 16th-

Josuke looked his best today. He rented out his black kimono in advance. His aides dressed him up.

“You look wonderful,” one of them said. Josuke didn’t speak. He showed no emotion on his face. Everything had to be perfect. This hotel did weddings in summer and fall. He had the money to drop for today. The venture was set up for a white wedding.

The only thing missing was the bride.

Not to worry. His son would take care of that.

The wedding was set for seven this evening.


Anna and Jotaro sat in the room.

“How long do we have?” she asked.

“Until seven,” he said.

“I see,” Anna said.

“What’s the plan?”

“I’ve got it.” Anna had a knife hidden in her skirt. She gritted her teeth.


-10:00 a.m.-

The show started with a text. The shinigami’ phones buzzed.

“Hm?” Hisoka asked. He and Tsuzuki pulled out their phones. The older shinigami’s face dropped.

You are invited to the wedding of Tsuzuki Anna and Ikeda Josuke.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Hotel Church

Attire: Formal


It was all Tsuzuki could do to not break down screaming.

“Oh hell no!” he yelled. Hisoka patted him on the shoulder.

“Calm down,” he said in a low voice. Tsuzuki shook his head.

“We will find her,” his partner said. “We will find her and bring her home.” The older shinigami took a breath.

“You’re right,” Tsuzuki said. “We will.” He looked at his phone. Seven o’clock, huh? Like hell he’ll let some slimy creep steal his wife!

“Usagi-chan,” Tsuzuki said. “Wait for me.”


Josuke had help. But now, he’s got an enemy.

He’s tried this before.

Haruka snorted as she looked out the window. Aki sat on her shoulder.

“He’s at it again,” she said.

“Yes,” Haruka said. Her kitsune cuddled against her shoulder.

“What do you want to do?” she asked. Haruka patted her on the head.

“His son could have some use to me,” she said. “Let’s let Anna deal with him before we swoop in.” Aki glanced behind her. The clan was already dying. The slaughter was going faster as of late. Maybe the Ikeda family could be their only hope.


Everyone couldn’t act right away. First off, no one could find Josuke. He was in the hotel, but that was it. The man hid his energy so well. Anna and Airi didn’t know about him either. Nothing on his habits, what he liked, or even what he looked like. Jotaro couldn’t tell them.

“He told me not to say anything,” he said. “I’m so…”

“Don’t say it,” Anna said, putting up her hand.

“Oh,” Jotaro said. His father had everything planned.

Tsuzuki and Hisoka couldn’t act right away either. They couldn’t locate Anna at all. Staff claimed that saw her around the hotel but didn’t know where she went. Tsuzuki couldn’t help but be restless. Hisoka grabbed his arm.

“Worrying will not help,” he said.

“I know,” the older shinigami said. He tried different ways to calm down. It was tempting to call her again. But, she probably wouldn’t answer due to her plan. He should trust his wife on this. But…

“Seven o’clock is too far away!” the older shinigami complained.

“I know,” Hisoka said again. Tsuzuki sat back on the garden bench and groaned. Hisoka tilted his head and asked a question that gave his partner pause.

“What do plan to after the Eda-Kimoto is solved?” he asked. Tsuzuki lifted his head.

“Live with Anna, Kobe, the Mother, and Kirika-chan,” he said.

“But what if Kimoto-san has to be judged?” his partner asked. “Her name is still on the books.” The older shinigami rubbed his forehead.

“I will think of something,” he said.

“This is what I mean. You’re too involved with the case.”

“I just want to protect my family.”

Hisoka sighed. “Just don’t lose sight of the job, okay?”

For once, Tsuzuki perked up. “I understand.” He already planned a new mission in his head after this rescue.


It will be seven o’clock soon. There came a knock on Jotaro and Anna’s door.

“Yes?” the boy asked.

“Excuse me,” a woman said. “I just came by to deliver the bride’s dress.”