I: Foot Fetish:

Let�s be real here. Andy Teach had a foot fetish. He didn�t dare to hide it either. Feet attracted him in a weird way ever since he was a child. His earliest memory was when he was six. His mother and him had just moved to Japan after his father died. It was a hot summer day then. Little Andy had nothing to do in this new country. He lied around on his back porch, staring out at the sky. The child was about to go to sleep with he heard somebody singing. The boy lifted his head and saw the feet of a goddess.

Snow white. Tiny. Skinny and long. Attached to tiny, white ankles. Silver charmed anklet around the right ankle. Oh and dark blue nail paint. Andy thought that he was dreaming. He blinked several times. This time, he heard the angels singing. Her feet kept flirting with him with their lost pacing back and forth next to a bright pink bike. The yellow straw sandals hypnotized him even further. That child couldn�t have stared at the pacing feet all day long.

�Andy!� he heard someone yell out. The boy didn�t even have time to look up before his mother grabbed him back into the house. The spell was broken and he was swimming in a sea of disappointment. Since then, that weird boy grew into a charming man still looking for feet just as beautiful as the ones he saw that day.

II: Shutterbug:

Ian always kept a collection of stars on film in his private room. They had become his obsession. Pandora Wolfe was his latest one. But, what does he do with all of those pictures and films afterwards? Watch them, of course. But then what? It is natural for people like him to get off on so much work. So, how does Ian channel all of his energy and lust?

Andy is more than happy to provide the cure. Night after night in his bed helps Ian to clear his head and blow off some steam. Ian took Andy�s thrusts into him as the images of Pandora, Ryan, Mona, and the stars of the past and present were drawn into the box of the day in Ian�s deepest state of mind. In return, Ian let his lover kiss, caress, and lick his feet with all of the lust that he had kept away since he was six-years-old. Sex was therapeutic in a way for them. Without it, their fetishes would probably spiral out of control to socially-lethal heights.

When the night is over, both can rest peacefully and satisfied. That is until the fetish cycle starts up all over again.

III: Obsession:

Ophelia just can�t let go of Andy. He was still the knight in shining armor that she saw in New York years ago. She just had to have him. That diva went through great measures to get him to do so. She studied him well. Ophelia knew that he had a foot fetish. So, she always took good care of her feet along with the rest of her body. Pedicures every week. Lotion and oil on the feet every morning. Polish on her nails in a different color every two weeks. (This week her nails of a aquamarine blue.) As an extra bonus, Ophelia always wore sandals in the summer and went barefoot in the Stardust Factory. Andy always smiled at her feet when she walked by. Though the always looked sophisticated on the outside, the diva squealed in delight on the inside at his approval. Now if only she could get him to notice the rest of her.

IV: Innocent Doll:

Pandora just couldn�t understand. Nobody paid any attention to her during her school years. But now, she had a small number of admirers. Hunter and Evan were good. But Ian was just creepy! She seemed to have found herself in a bizarre love triangle. Who knew a meek little English girl could attract a Scottish man and an Irish man at the same time? Pandora�s brain couldn�t believe it herself. She couldn�t believe any of her strange luck. It just happened in a blur. Now, she was just going along with the flood. No questions asked. Lucky for her, she had fine-looking men to guide her through this freaky version of Oz.

But Ian, she didn�t want to talk about him. The filming. The stalking. The following. Pandora always shook her head violently when she managed to get away from him. So wrong. She just didn�t want to think about him. So, Pandora stored him away out of her mind and went on with life.

But why her? She tried, but failed miserably to understand it. She asked Hunter about that one day while they were at Candy Floss bar. He chuckled at her over the music.

�You�re pure!� Hunter said. �That�s rare nowadays. Everyone is dirty these days. But not you. You�re still a virgin.� He took another drink. That gave Pandora something to think about.

V: Games I Love to Play:

Emily is a bad girl. She toys with the boys that she really wants. Sure she went with boys that were just as wild as she was, but that just wasn�t satisfying enough. The heiress wanted some innocent meat. Pure blood. A good boy. Simon is no exception to the rule.

But, he has a girlfriend already. She knew that well. But did she care? Uh� hell to the no! Emily always flirted with Simon openly. She didn�t hold back either. That girl pulled out all of the punches with Simon. She even tried to touch his manhood right in front of the guy she happened to be dating at the time. The boy didn�t know how to handle her. She didn�t care however. Emily only wanted to toy with Simon and break him. There was so much that she wanted to do to that boy. Mmm!

But, not yet. She was waiting for the right moment to act on her great plan. Why? The end results? Once Simon is broken, he won�t even that fun to play with. And besides, Emily only really wanted boys with money. Old habit, one can assume.

VI: Virginity Quest Again:

Kei decided to pick up on her quest to lose her virginity again. So, she made a list of all the guys that she wanted to nail.















Kei read over her list over and over again. These boys were cute. Well, a couple of them were cute. Most of them were okay. And some� Well� she was just desperate by that point. The girl just wanted to get so badly.

VII: Pot Crush Again:


I don�t approve of Kei�s plan. She is just asking, no, begging for trouble. But, auntie doesn�t want me to interfere. �Let that rich girl fall flat on her face,� she keeps telling me. But, I just can�t. Kei doesn�t deserve that. But, what can I do? She�s not going to listen to me. So, all I can do is just sit back and shake my head at her. Then, I listen to Kei complain about when her dates turn out badly. It�s an annoying cycle, but I don�t mind.

Why? I�m not going to tell you that! *Raspberry*

VIII: Freaks All Around:

Freaks. They are all around. People are nasty. People are freaks. Don�t judge them; you�re probably one yourself.

Black Rides