Sweet Friendship

Dateline: Kohana went to dream land.

(Dream Begins:)

    “Come on Kohana!” Takeru yelled in the woods. “Coming!” Kohana called back. Takeru and Kohana were playing in the woods. “What a cutie!” she thought. Then Kohana got lost in a daydream.

(Daydream Begins:)

    Kohana began to fantasize about meeting Takeru in real life. Then she thought about their first date and wedding. And finally, she thought about their future years together.

(Daydream Ends:)

    “Kohana!” Takeru yelled. The little princess snapped back into reality. “Coming.” she called back again. Then the little princess ran to catch up with her friend.

(Dream Ends:)

    Noizchild: Now, let’s leave them in happiness.

The End