Volume one:

Rated: Y

    Chapter one: The Return of Demon
Demon returns and causes more trouble in Japan. Does Michiko and the crew have enough power to stop him?

    Chapter two: Wonderland
Sabrina disappears into a wonderland. She has twenty-four hours to get home before her existents disappears.

    Chapter three: Summer Walk
The Royal Takiashi Family goes out for a walk the royal garden.

    Chapter four: The Nurse's Care
When Michiko becomes sick with a disease that is harmful to red blood cells, the kidneys, and other organs, it's up to Takeru and Kanmu to nurse her back to health.

    Chapter five: Holy City
Michiko falls into a city in the spiritual realm after Demon knocks her in during a battle. Now it's up Boaz to recharge her granddaughter and get her back up to the top.

    Chapter six: In The Fallen City
Kanmu is kidnapped by David and is taken to the fallen city. Now it's up to Takeru and Michiko to rescue their daughter.

    Chapter seven: Late Night Phone Call
Kanmu calls Takeru late at night so he can sing her to sleep.

    Chapter eight: The Message
Michiko, Takeru, and the other parents are told in a dream to the children about their powers.

    Chapter nine: The Sea Dragon Wakes
Kasumi, Danny, and Nina go out on a boat trip when they caught in cyclone. Then Nina discovers her powers.

    Chapter ten: A Hike Through the Woods
Michiko and Kanmu go on a walk through the woods, But they have to rest a lot because Michiko is still sick.

Volume two:

Rated: Y

    Chapter eleven: The Ice Princess Comes to Life
Gezzele gets her powers while visiting some relatives in Sapporo.

    Chapter twelve: Graveyard Hunt
Jessi and Jimmy get their powers when they were play fighting and landed in a graveyard.

    Chapter thirteen: Physic Forest Maze
Katrina is struck with physic powers while being lost in the woods. Now it's a matter of knowing the to get back.

    Chapter fourteen: True Friends Find Each Other Again
Jen was playing in her back yard with who should appear but her old friend Tiffany!

    Chapter fifteen: New Year's Party
There's a New Year's party at Tokyo palace and everyone is invited.

    Chapter sixteen:  The Birth of the Angel of Love
Venus gets her powers when she and her family go on vacation near a lake.

    Chapter seventeen: Stone's Fire
Jeffrey discovers his powers when he, Sora, and Alex go up to visit a shrine in the mountains.

    Chapter eighteen: The Sweet Herbs
Lisa discovers the other part of her powers by biting into some herbs along a mountain trail.

    Chapter nineteen: Blessing on a Full Moon
Brandy gets her powers by a prayer to be stronger on the night of her birthday.

    Chapter twenty: Beauty Wish
Serena gets her powers by a prayer to be beautiful on the night of her birthday.

Volume three:

Rated: Y

    Chapter twenty-one: Firecracker
Kristy gets her powers by a fire accident with some firecrackers on the day of her birthday.

    Chapter twenty-two: Wild Grass
Erica discovers her powers on a family picnic in the parks of Kyushu.

    Chapter twenty-three: The Bugs Come Out to Play
Chillie discovers her of powers she and her family are hiking in the mountains.

    Chapter twenty-four: The Remaining Powers
Beck, Miya, Sam, Ray, and Sean discover their powers on a boat trip.

    Chapter twenty-five: Powers of the Little Princess
Kanmu discovers her powers one night near the lake when she keeps seeing a beautiful ghost.

    Chapter twenty-six: The Truth Comes Out
The time comes and the parents tell the truth about their kids births.

    Chapter twenty-seven: The Training Begins
Once the children have gotten their powers, the parents begin training them.

    Chapter twenty-eight: The First Battle
This is the first battle that the immortal fight and it's against Lou and David.

    Chapter twenty-nine: Battle On Cinnamon Island
All of our friends battle Demon again.

    Chapter thirty: Trip to New York
Kanmu and Megan fly to New York for three weeks to visit some relatives living there.


Volume one:

Rated: Y

    Chapter one: Mission of the Golden Children
After a few years after battling Demon, it's time for the new generation of are friends to have their own adventure.

    Chapter two: Line Up For Battle
The golden children battle up team of monsters bent on taking of Tokyo.

    Chapter three: Field Trip
The golden children go on a field trip. All seems well until a monster attacks them.

    Chapter four: Walk by the Lake
Brittany and Gohan go on a walk by the lake.

    Chapter five: The Show
The little golden children throw on a show for their parents.

    Chapter six: Out on the City
The golden children go out on the city for fun.

    Chapter seven: Snow Day
Snow hits Tokyo and the golden children go out to play in it.

    Chapter eight: Christmas Parade 2
This is a re-make of the original Christmas Parade.

    Chapter nine: Autumn Walk
Brittany and Gohan go on a fall walk.

Volume two:

Rated: Y

    Chapter ten: The Quest
The golden children have to go on a quest to save their home with the dark war lords.

    Chapter eleven: Forest War
The golden children have to fight in the forest to save this mysterious imperial princess.

    Chapter twelve: All Along the Valley
The golden children must cross through Rainbow Valley to get home.

    Chapter thirteen: Land of the Imperial Princess
The golden children go into this mystical land to save a princess from a disease and her home from the dark war lords.

    Chapter fourteen: The Mystical Odyssey
The golden children have to fight their way home.

    Chapter fifteen: Time Travel
A bunch a of monsters have come from the past into the future. Now it's up to Miya to send them back.

    Chapter sixteen: Wedding Bash
The golden children help Brittany celebrate her parents wedding anniversary.

    Chapter seventeen: Questions for Love
Brittany questions her parents relationship.

    Chapter eighteen: Golden Children Part at Long Last
The golden children split up for good after a long talk with each other.


Volume one:

Rated: T

    Chapter one: My Parents' Past
After a fight with Michiko, Lucy goes out into the city. But when it pours down, she goes to this old theater where this old man lets her in for free and she gets to see her mom and dad's past.

    Chapter two: Together Forever
After to long years of missing her husband, Megan wants to die so she can be with Hogosha. She ends up dying slowly.

    Chapter three: The Babysitter
Lucy comes and baby-sits Goten.

    Chapter four: Farewell Lucy
Michiko and Takeru send Lucy to a private school.

    Chapter five: School Girl's Day Off
Angel comes and takes Lucy away to the Fantasy Realm.

Volume two:

Rated: T

    Chapter six: Field Trip
Lucy and her class go on a field trip to Thailand. All is fine until Lucy scents something wrong.

    Chapter seven: Break-Up
Lucy and Gohan breaks up.

    Chapter eight: Back Home Again
Lucy returns home from private school to find that Gohan has found another love.

    Chapter nine: The College Camp
Lucy, Gohan, Goten, and Videl go to a college campus that has been turned into a camp.

    Chapter ten: Golden History Book
Lucy finds an old book on the Tsukibara family.

Volume three:

Rated: T

    Chapter eleven: Desperately Seeking Hogosha
Lucy decides to go and do some research on her dead Grandpa.

    Chapter twelve: A New Enemy Appears
Aros has finally arrived and is causing trouble to Tokyo.

    Chapter thirteen: Trail of Love
Henchmen of Aros come and turn Gohan into a demon. Gohan has to try and fight the spell. Lucy has come to get him back but can she save herself from him?

    Chapter fourteen: The Final War
Two weeks after her birthday, Hope has to fight Aros and destroy him to save the future of Tokyo.

    Chapter fifteen: Future's End
Hope fights her final battle before she takes the throne.