Chapter Ten: Game Master:

This was all his plan.

Even his entourage couldn’t grasp the angle. Asmodeus would only smile when asked about his motives. Anna was involved in this game.

There was a motive for this. What that was, the demon of lust wouldn’t say yet. However, there was a how to the story.

Asmodeus could feel the Mother’s power growing again. The spike made his hunger increase. He had to act on his foreplay. Asmodeus put a small gold charm in his mouth. He shivered at the bitter taste. After fifteen seconds, he took out the charm and placed it on the black table. A yellow light sank into the table’s surface. The demon of lust smirked.

Tonight, he watched the game unfold. Six couples fed him already. He had to be in top condition for the end. A knock came on his office door.

“Ah,” the boss said. “Gesshin-kun. So nice to see you. Did your shift end early?”

“Yeah,” the male geisha said.

“What’s on your mind?”

“I have a question.”

“Come and talk to me.” Asmodeus patted his lap. As if drawn in by a beautiful-sounding flute, Gesshin walked over and sat on his master’s lap. Asmodeus nuzzled him on the ear.

“What’s on your mind?” he asked. The lust demon’s right hand went up Gesshin’s left leg and rested it on his groin. The male geisha trembled.

“What exactly are we doing?” he asked.

“A game,” Asmodeus said.

“I know, but why?”

His master smirked and unzipped his trousers. “Well now. All I can say is I felt her again.”

Asmodeus kissed Gesshin on the neck. “The Mother.”

Gesshin began to smile himself. “Am I allowed to ask what happened?”

“She let him in.” His hand slipped down the male geisha’s trousers and into his boxers.

“Mmm! Accepting married life again, huh?”

“That’s right.”

“Anything else?”

His master chuckled as he nibbled on his neck. The lust demon moved his hand in a slow and seductive way. “That, my paramour, I cannot say.” He withdrew his hand. “You’ll have to watch the game just like the ladies.”

Gesshin frowned. “Why must you always tease me like this?”

“Which one—my game or this?” Asmodeus turned the male geisha to face him. He planted a thick kiss on his lips. Gesshin felt his body turn to jelly. The demon of lust pressed the tip of his tongue against the other man’s lips, demanding entry. The male geisha folded and parted his lips. That kiss lasted about a minute before Asmodeus pulled away. Gesshin panted with flushed cheeks.

“Both,” he said at last. The lust demon smiled as he patted him on the back.

“Well, do a good job on a round and I’ll relieve the pressure,” he whispered. The master licked the male geisha on the ear. Gesshin turned to him, smirking.

“When can I start?” he asked. Asmodeus gave him a quick kiss.

“I will let you know,” he said. Gesshin chuckled.

What was the full motive of this game? The demon of lust wouldn’t say until the time was appropriate. For now, he and his posse sat back and watched.