Chapter Twenty: Garden Kink:


I: Till

My latest idea comes from my garden. When I’m tending to my tulips a sense of calm fills my soul. This place has been my sanctuary. All of my sorrow falls away among the flowers I gently care for. However, another thought crosses my mind. Hey, what if…

I snicker as the idea plays out in my head. Wow, I can be so bad. It doesn’t end there either. I hear it’s tighter with the legs closed. I want to try this out with Anna. I pause with the shears still in my hand. Yet, I’m very big. Would that hurt her? I think I can make it work, but still…

I look over at the gardenias to my right. My idea builds before I know it. This will be the perfect place to do it. My laughter fills the whole garden.

II: Invitation, De Novo

Once inside our apartment, I dial Anna-chan. She’s on a job interview today. I wished her luck before she left. Maybe I’ll make this her reward.

“Hello?” Anna-chan asks.

I sit up on the couch. “How did it go, Anna-chan,” I ask.

“Good, I’m really hopeful.”

“I’m happy to hear that, my love. Listen... got any plans tonight?”


I can’t help but smile. “You’ll see.” I hang up before she speaks. I’ve got her and now I have work to do.

III: Leaves

I greet Anna-chan at the door with a kiss.

“Mmm,” she murmurs. “How was your day?”

“Boring,” I answer. “It’s good to be home.”

“Awww,” she pouted.  â€œAny way I can help?” she asks.

I give her a mischievous smile. “Well,” I begin. “Come along and you shall see.” I lean down to nibble on her left ear. She gasped. And that little sound tells me everything. I waste no time leading her to our room.


Anna-chan drops onto the futon and places her arms above her head, helpless. “Take me,” her eyes tell me. “My body is yours.”

I stoop down for a kiss. My hands automatically reach for her dress. I let my fingers feel the soft white cotton. Before I know it, the dress hits the floor. Her tongue darts into my mouth without warning. A shock races up my spine. The demon in my head is already poking his head out, checking out the scene. I have to take in a deep breath to push him back. Stay in control. Everything has to go as planned. Keep it together.

Anna-chan slides my shirt over my head. I pull her closer to me and her thighs clamp onto either side of me. I reach between us, fumbling her crotch. The wetness of her panties make me smile. Anna-chan takes hold of her belt, in an attempt to remove it. I gently shove her hands away. Anna-chan looks up at me, dreamy-eyed.

“No?” she asks.

I smile as I shake my head. “Not yet,” I whisper. I reach for her white lace bra and begin to unhook it. My lips sink down to her neck. The sweet taste consumes me utterly.

I… I… I can’t hold back anymore! I have to act now!

IV: Seeds

I make quick work of removing my trousers and boxers, discarding them on the floor. I sit up and start shucking off the rest of my clothes, keeping the belt close at hand for later use.

Anna smiles at the change in my demeanor.

“Asato-kun,” she coos.

I begin to daydream as I roll down her panties. In my head, Anna-chan’s body aches to be pleasured. My demon agrees.

“No,” I say.

Small whimpers escape from her lips “Why not?” she asks.

“Not here,” I whisper. I grab hold of her shoulders and teleport out to my garden.


Anna-chan rests under the gardenias planted for her. I smile at the beauty lying under me.

“Asato-kun,” she murmurs.

I place my finger to her lips. “Shhh, you just lie there and enjoy yourself,” I command.

My wife ceases all speech, and silently obeys my command.

“Very good,” I tell her. “Hands out.”

Anna holds her arms above her breasts. From a nearby bush, I draw out a fuda. I chant a spell and the paper turns to ropes tightened around her wrists. I sit back and admire my work.

“Close your legs,” I tell her. Anna-chan narrows her eyes at me.

“What?” she asks.

“I want to try something different,” I tell her. “So, please?”

Despite being uneasy, Anna-chan draws her legs closed. I wrap my belt around her ankles. Once I tighten it, I gladly climb on top, kissing her roughly.

V: Fantasy Garden

-Violet Eyes-

Brightly colored tulips led me to my next destination as if in a peaceful dream. They form a stairway upwards. I knew she was at the top, waiting.

Find me! Love me!

I had no choice but to follow.

Flowers surrounded me as I walked. White blossoms formed overhead. Their fragrance pulled me forward.

Come to me! Come to me!

The petals spoke through her. Yes, my love, I am coming. The blossoms changed from white to indigo. Their angelic pull dragged me further up the path.

Find me! Find me! Find me! Pinkish-red flowers awaited me at the gate. One touch of the petals and I was inside the holy garden.


Garden lights danced around me. Alice slept under the gardenia bushes in her blue dress with black and white striped stockings. The fireflies circled her peaceful expression. I smiled as I walked by. Under the willow tree, humming birds flew around two fairies, one wood and one snow, engaged in a kiss. I bowed my head and walked by.

I finally arrived at the biggest cherry tree in the center of the garden. My heart did little flips in my chest. The hazel-green eyed angel sat waiting in her yellow kimono for me. She held out her hand I took it with love. One kiss aroused our heaven.

VI: Petals

I lay on Anna-chan, panting. I feel perfect in this gardenia cloud. Perfect, just perfect.