Ghost Doll Designs

Lucy Fisher:

Hair: Long and cold black with think bangs that cover her forehead

Eyes: Blood wine red

Body: Normal-size for a woman with a normal cup size.

Clothes: Tight black leather short skirt, tight red halter top, black leather jacket, blood red lips, heavy black eyeliner, black and red painted long nails, and black and red sandal pumps

Anna Kimoto:

Hair: Deep russet red hair to her shoulders with bangs that cover her forehead (sometimes in a ponytail)

Eyes: Brownish-green

Body: Slender side of normal, but with an hourglass figure, and 36 C cups

Clothes: Dresses, jeans, t-shirts, a lacy black bra under a white blouse, kimono, and Chinese-style clothes


Hair: Long and bright orange tied back into a tight ponytail

Eyes: Red

Body: Nicely tone female form with small breasts

Clothes: Jean, grey halter top, sandals, gold bracelet, rings, chain necklace, and six silver earrings.


Hair: Short in black pigtails

Eyes: Indigo

Body: Slim and curved with 36 C cups

Clothes: Loli Goth style

More to Come...