Chapter seven: Going Under:

    “Blurring and stirring the truth that comes out. (So I don’t know what’s fake and what’s real.) Always confusing the thoughts is my head. So I can’t trust myself anymore.”

-Evanescence “Going Under”

    Takeru awoke in pain and fear. First these nightmares were invoking fear inside him. Now, he awoke feeling and kuro and blue on the back. “Ow.” he whimpered as he tried to get up. The boy was a total mess. Alas, he managed to get out of bed. But the walk was more painful. Patamon saw the whole show. “I hope he’s okay.” he thought.

    For the whole day, Takeru was irritable. He was nervous and on edge. He even yelled at some people. Aneko grew worried about him by the minute.

    “Takeru.” she confronted him. Her boyfriend didn’t answer. He didn’t even turn around. “Teddy.” she said. Still nai answer. Aneko swallowed hard. “Takeru is something wrong?” she asked. “You’ve been acting depressed lately and….” “Go away.” he said at last. “Nani?” Aneko asked. “I said go away.” Takeru repeated. “Nani do you mean?” the princess asked. “GO AWAY DAMNIT!!!” he yelled. “HOW HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND, YOU STUPID BITCH?!?” Then Takeru threw a pencil box at his girlfriend. Aneko stood there in shock. Sure, Takeru yelled at her once or twice. But this was the first he cussed her out or threw anything at her. “Gominasai… I just…” Aneko said softly.

    Takeru realized nani he had done. He slowly turned to her. His eyes were filled with tears. “Gominasai Aneko!” he exclaimed.     “Didn’t mean to yell. I don’t know nani came over me.” Aneko could see him trembling. She didn’t know nani to say. Then the boy hugged her. Aneko felt a little better. But she knew something was up.

    The day was a complete downer but the ban was even worse.

    *Nightmare starts*

    Takeru was awoken by the sound of footsteps. The boy got up and looked out his small cell window.

    A young girl about twelve years was being dragged outside by her long kuro hair by a guard-slave. “Let me go!” she yelled. One of the guards kicked her in the chest. The girl became quiet. Takeru watched on.

    “Now nani?” another guard asked the guard-slave. “I found this bitch stealing food from the kitchen.” the guard-slave answered. “ That’s not true!” the girl whimpered. “Shut up harlot!” the first guard yelled. Then he slapped her. “And?” the second asked.

    “The lady told me to take her to you and let you figure that.” All was silent. “I say we have a little fun with her!” the third guard snarled. The girl’s eyes grew big. “Nai!” she thought. “Nai!

    “Nah,” the first one said. “I’m not in the mood.” “Let’s beat her like the bitch she is!” the second one suggested. The girl was terrified by now. “I like that.” the third one said. “Yeah,” the first guard agreed. “Let’s do it!” The girl was pale with fear.

    For the next three hours, the three guards beat the young girl up until she was unconscious. Her screams rang through the dark ban. When they finished, the first guard turned to guard-slave. “Throw her back in her cell!” he said. The guard-slave nodded and complied.

    Takeru was watching the whole thing. He was too scared to move. “I might not last here!” he thought. He couldn’t sleep at all that ban.

    *End of Nightmare*