Chapter Five: Good Friends:

Becky looked out the hotel window; four whole months and still nothing. She knew the police were dragging them in circles with the case. What were they hiding? Becky’s mind tripped back to the worst.

“Becky,” a voice spoke up. The blonde woman looked up and turned around. A woman with short red hair looked at her concerned. Becky’s blue eyes met her brown ones.

“Yes, Willow?” she asked. The woman shuffled a bit where she stood.

“We haven’t found Anna in four months,” she pointed out.

“I know,” Becky replied.

“You sure she’s still alive?” Willow asked.

“The police won’t even show us her body!” the former club president replied, “In fact…” The woman stood up from her spot. “I think the police are hiding something!” she finished. A collective groan filled the room. Becky looked around confused.

“What?” she asked. Gillian rolled her eyes at her.

“It’s been four months!” she yelled.

“I know,” Becky repeated.

“No, you don’t” Gillian replied. Becky looked at her with a frown on her face.

“What?” she asked. Willow herself looked rather somber.

“You don’t get it, do you?” she asked, “Four months and we have nothing!”

“Clare’s dad is starting to get suspicious,” Gilliam said, “He might stop sending us money to stay here.” Becky looked at them in sympathy.

“Look,” she insisted, “This isn’t a wild goose chase; something tells me that there is something wrong here. Why haven’t we seen a body if Anna was dead?” The girls went quiet as Becky became serious.

“Exactly,” she said.

“So, what are you getting at?” Willow responded.

“This country is hiding something,” Becky summed up with a smile, “What? I don’t know just yet.” Gillian rolled her eyes.

“And if there isn’t?” she asked. Becky bit her lower lip.

“Well then… We go home,” she said.

“Fine,” Gillian said sternly, “We’ll stay longer.” Becky began to smile.

“Thanks,” she said. “In fact, let’s take a break tomorrow.” Willow, Gillian, and the other girls looked surprised.

“Serious?” Gillian asked.

“Yeah,” Becky said with a nod, “You guys deserve it after all.”

“Ooo, can we go anywhere?” Clare cheered.

“Sure,” the former president said. The rich woman smiled up to her ears.

“Sweet!” she cheered, “Can we go to Kyoto tomorrow?” Becky smiled and nodded.

“Sure,” she said.

“Yay!” Clare cheered as she felt like flying. Gillian rolled her eyes.

“What’s so great about Kyoto anyway?” she questioned. Clare eyed her as if she was looking at the crazy cat lady.

“What’s so great about it?!?” she yelled, “Kyoto is flooded with history, religion, and culture!” The Pink Floyd fan looked away with a smirk.

“Figures,” Gillian said, “You always were a history nut!”Clare stuck her tongue out at her.

“So? History to me is like Pink Floyd to you.” she challenged.

“Not the same!” Gillian corrected.

“Yes, it is,” Clare argued.

“No, it isn’t!” her wilder friend said with her tongue sticking out.

“Yeah, it is!” the rich woman said as she both her hands on her hips. Becky cleared her throat and both women went quiet. Their former president smiled.

“It’s settled then,” she said, “We’ll go to Kyoto.” Clare stuck her tongue out at Gillian again. This time, the other friend pretended not to notice.

“Right, whatever makes the history nut happy!” Gillian replied. Clare gave her a playful push on the arm.

“Pink Floyd freak!” she said. Gillian razzed her back.

“Shut it, you!” she said jokingly.

“Right,” Becky cut in. Clare and Gillian smiled at her.

“We’re only play-fighting,” Clare said. Gillian grinned as she nodded.

“Business as usual!” she chimed. Becky only looked at the close pair.

“Every damn time!” she mumbled to herself. The close friends only grinned at her.