Chapter Nine: Good Man:

July 10th, 1983.

Daisuke walked home from school. He wondered what he would do with his life. Eighteen years and a father. Right now, Kato stayed with the baby. Daisuke still needed to buy things.

“I’ll take care of it,” Kato told him. The boy shook his head.

I can’t rely on him forever, he thought. I want to feel like taking advance of him. The young man rubbed his forehead.

Suddenly, he heard a punching noise. Daisuke turned his head to the right. Three thugs were beating on a guy his age. At first, the young dad stood staring. One of the thugs punched their victim in the stomach. The poor guy dropped to the ground. Daisuke tilted his head.

Hey, I know that guy… He raced over to the beating.

“Help! Police, there are thugs beating up a student! Help!” Daisuke screamed. The thugs froze and turned around.

“Oi, you! Who the hell do y--?!” the leader asked. Daisuke stood quiet. The thugs drew their mouths closed when they saw him.

“Oh shit!” one of the lackeys said. “He’s from the Eda-Kimoto clan!”

“For real?” the leader asked.

“Yeah,” the other lackey said. “His mom is scary!” All three thugs turned pale. They took off running as fast as they could.

“Like hell I’m getting cursed!” the leader shouted. Their victim stood, scratching his head.

“You okay?” Daisuke asked. His classmate, the victim, blinked.

“They’ll go after you now, you know that?” he said. The other boy laughed it off.

“It’s fine,” he said. “They’re nothing compared to my mom’s hellish torture!” Daisuke laughed with his hands on his hips. The other boy looked confuse.

“Was it true?” he asked. “Are you part of the clan?” Daisuke went quiet as his face shaded over. He lowered his head.

“Yes,” he said. “But it’s not my fault. I did not want this. I not want this!” Daisuke sank to the ground. The other boy walked up to him.

“I won’t hate you,” he said. Daisuke looked up.

“I don’t like talking about those people,” he said. “They killed my sisters.” The other boy sat next to her on the pavement.

“Why did you help me?” he asked.

“They were jerks,” Daisuke said.

The other boy pressed his lips together. “Thank you.”


“I’m Sano Juta.”

“Kimoto Daisuke.”

“Nice to meet you. And don’t worry. I won’t hate you.”

Daisuke stared at him, confused. “But I don’t really know you. You only just met me.” He shook his head. “Just… why?”


“Yes.” Daisuke lay on the pavement. “I don’t get it.”

Juta lay beside him. “Because you are a good person.”

The other boy eyed him. “Am I?”


“How can you be so sure?”

“I just know it.”

Daisuke smiled. “You’re weird.”

“You think so?” Juta said.


“I’ll take it.”

The tsukai narrowed his eyes at his classmate. Who is this guy?

-Present Day-

Juta closed up his artbook. He looked at the address in hand. His old friend was dead, but he could at least find his daughter. Juta put the piece of paper in his pocket and headed out the door. If he could find Anna, then maybe… Just maybe…

The door closed behind him and the search began.