Chapter Eight: Goya Chanpuru Drops:

Banana plant in autumn storm
rain drips into tub
hearing the night


July 1, 2009.

Day three and the rain lightened up to a drizzle in the morning. Emiko and Hotaru walked into the kitchen smiling and hand-in-hand. Mike sat at the table waiting for them while Kazue ate her leftover fried rice while looking pissed for being woken up so early this morning like usual. The male demon cleared his throat at his other housemates when they made their way to the doorway. The lovers looked up to see him with a face of a stern father after his daughters broke curfew.

“Morning ladies,” he said with matching tone. Emiko and Hotaru giggled like little schoolgirls.

“Hey Mikey!” Hotaru cheered. He kept his eyes locked on the girls.

“How was your night?” he asked. The lovers grinned at him with another giggle. Their fingers laced together in their grip.

“Great!” they replied in unison. Kazue rolled her eyes and sighed over her food. She knew what was coming next. Mike lowered his chopsticks.

“Girls,” he said, “Anything good happen lately?”

“Maybe…” Hoto-chan said, cuddling up close to Emiko. Mike raised an eyebrow at her.

“Maybe?” he asked, “What do you mean maybe?” More giggles followed.

“Depends,” Emiko answered in a coy way.

“On what?” Mike asked her with an eyebrow raised and his arms folded across his chest. Hotaru kissed Emiko on the neck.

“Why do you want to know?” the butch demon asked so innocently. Mike shrugged as he tried to time when he wanted to give little hints as to what he knew what they could be plotting this time.

“Because…” he said.

“Because why?” Hotaru asked him in sweet little child persona.

“Because…” Mike said as he readied himself to come out and say it. Kazue finally rolled her eyes and put down her chopsticks; she hated this game!

“What Monkey-boy is dancing around here with is that he thinks you both are up to something again because you are fucking so much again!” she blurted out annoyed. Mike shot a heated glare at her.

“Gee thanks, Sunshine!” he hissed, “Way to be discreet about it! Not!” Kazue shrugged at him.

“Hey,” she said. “You said help!”

“Not like that!” he snapped. Emiko and Hotaru pretended to look hurt.

“Mikey!” Hotaru exclaimed, “How could you say that?” Mike looked at them sternly.

“Oh come on!” he said, “I’ve known you for how many years?” Both girls went sheepishly quiet; Hotaru looked at her girlfriend.

“We might as well say it,” she said, “He’s on to us.” Emiko pressed her lips together.

“Right…” she said. The butch demon turned back to Mike.

“Okay,” she said, calmly, “Hoto-chan and I are playing cupid with Tsuzuki and Anna.” Mike blinked at them once.

“What?!?” he asked in disbelief. The couple sat down at the table and broke it down for their roommates. Kazue smirked at them.

“You’re terrible, guys,” she said. Mike gave them a sharp look.

“You do realize Ju-Oh-Cho won’t allow this, right?” he asked.

“Yes,” Emiko and Hotaru said.

“So, why do it?” Kazue finished.

“Because, isn’t love worth fighting for?” Emiko questioned as she stood up in her chair, “These two love each other, but they can’t see that! We are leading the way to the reign of love!” Hotaru put her hand of her chest for emphasis.

“Thank you!” her girlfriend said. She sat back down in her seat and took a breath. Mike shook his head.

“His boss and co-workers won’t allow it,” he pointed out.

“That’s why we won’t say a thing,” Emiko reasoned. Mike raised an eyebrow at her statement.

“We?” he asked. Emiko nodded as she grinned at him.

“Yes, we!” she replied.

“Oh no!” he said quickly, “I’m not turning a blind eye or getting mixed up in another one of your schemes!”

“Please don’t tell, Mikey,” Hotaru pleaded, “Please Mikey! Please, please, pleaseeeeeee!” She even used the cute kitty eyes on him. Mike tried to look away, but it was useless.

“They could send us back to Hell…” he pointed out.

“So?” Emiko asked, shrugging, “We’re exiled from there already. We can’t go back anyway.” Mike nodded rather bitterly.

“True…” he agreed, “But, I’m not going to test that theory.” Hotaru kept her kitty eyes on him. Mike still kept trying to resist and losing badly. He finally sighed in defeat.

“Fine!” the demon said at last, “I won’t say a word!” Hotaru’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Yay!” she cheered as she leapt over to hug him. Mike only rolled his eyes.

“Whatever…” he mumbled. Emiko sat back smirking. Score: Team Hotoko: 10,000+ Mike: 0, she thought.