Davis' Shame
Dateline: Jenny was about to leave MAtt forever but then she changed her mind.
Saturday 8:00 A.M.: It was a pretty Saturday morning and Davis was asleep when the phone rang. He was trying to look for the phone when Veemon had found the phone for him and answered it. "Hello. Oh hi! Melody!" said Veemon. "Give me that!" yelled Davis as he had to fight with Veemon to get the phone. When he finally managed to get the phone away from Veemon, he said: "Hello, is this Melody?" "Speaking." she said happily. "Great! What's up?" he asked. "Nothing much. Hey I was wondering if you could come over to my house this evening." she said. "All right." he said in an unsure voice. "Great! I'll see you then." she said. Then she hung up. "Now why don't  I go over there that much ?" Davis thought. So he got up out of bed, wash himself and got his clothes on. Then he walked down to the kitchen, fed his android dog, Searchlight and Veemon, and he ate breakfast. Then headed out the door.

Saturday 8:30 a.m.: Melody decided to bake Davis a cake. "Now, What kind should I make him?" thought Melody. She thought for a little while until it came to her. "I know! I'll make him a chocolate cake for starch." she thought. Then she got out all of the ingredients she needed to make the cake. Since she didn't know how to use the blender or the oven yet, she used her powers to make and bake the cake. While the cake was baking, she was picking out the right kind of frosting to put on the cake. Finally she found a can of chocolate icing in the cabinet. So she took it out and closed the cabinet door. Then when the cake was done baking, Melody took out the cake and frosted it. "Boy! He is going to like this!" she thought. Then she got out a can of whip cream and sprayed the top of the cake with it. Then she covered it with a cake cover. "This well be good!" she said to herself.

Saturday 6:00 P.M.: "I'm leaving now boys!" said Davis as he was opening the door. But Searchlight was biting him by the sock, trying to him from going. "Serachlight! Let me go!" yelled Davis as he was trying to jerk away from his dog. Finally managed to get his dog off by throwing him against a nearby wall. Then he walked out the door. "Why did try to stop him?" Veemon asked Searchlight. Searchlight explained or rather "barked out" his reason. Veemon quickly saw the point. Then both Searchlight and Veemon to the window to stop Davis. But it was too late, Davis had all ready left. "I don't like this." said his digimon as he and the android puppy watched Davis walk away from the apartment.

Saturday 6:30 P.M.: The doorbell rang at Melody's house. So she ran door and opened it. "Hi Davis!" she said cheerfully as he stepped in the house. THen she closed the door behind them and locked it. "I'll go sit at the table." said Davis as he walked past her. Then he pulled out a chair and sat down in it. "I made you a cake." she said as she went into kitchen. "What kind is it? Where is it?" asked Davis as he looked around for it. "It's chocolate and it's on the table." she said as she opened the cutlery drawer to get out a knife for Davis to cut the cake, a plate for him to eat it on, and fork to eat it with. After a few minutes of looking for the cake, he found it and took the covering off. THen Melody walked out of the kitchen with the in her hand and gave it to him. Then Davis cut himself a thick slice of cake and set it down the plate. Then he began chowing down on it. Melody watched her boyfriend eat his cake. "Melody." he said. "YEs." she said. "I am little thirty." said Davis. "I'll get you something." she said as she walked back into the kitchen. She a glass for him and then she walked over to the frig and looked around for a drink for him. Then she saw the bottle of cosmo wine that her father had given to her for a going away present. So she took that off of the frig, popped it open, and pour it in the glass. "Here you go, Davis." she said as she walked out of the kitchen with of cosmo wine in her hand and gave it to Davis. He drank it all, unaware about how powerful the drink was. Soon he began to feel drowsy. "You Look tired, Come on back to my bedroom." said Melody. "All right." he said. He was very drowsy to understand what she said. Then she took him by his hand and lead him to her room. Once they both got in her room, Melody closed the door and locked it. "I'll go get ready." she said as she walked into her bathroom and closed door behind her. Davis took off jacket, shirt, shoes, socks, shorts, and goggles. Then he climbed into her bed and waited for her. "I'm ready!" Melody called out. She had on her pale pink bra and panties and her orange headband. Then she climbed in bed with him and they went to sleep.

Sunday 6:30 A.M.: Davis woke up and looked around. "Where am I?" he asked. "You're in my room." said Melody as she woke up. It Davis a minute to figure out Melody's little plan. "You tricked me!" he yelled. "Yes I did." she said as she unlocked her bedroom door. Then he got out of bed, got his clothes on, and ran out of her room. "I'm sorry!" yelled Melody as she watched him run away. "I'm sorry Dave! I really am!" she thought sadly.

Sunday 8:00 A.M.: Davis held head down as kicked some little stones in the path. "I can't believe I fell for that little trick Melody played on me! Why did I even go over there?"  he thought. "What's wrong with you?" asked an old woman. "I don't wanna talk about it." he said. He finally made to his apartment, stepped in and shut the door. "Davis, Where were you last night?" asked Veemon sarcastically. "I don't wanna talk about it." he said. "Come on I wanna here!" said Veemon. SO Davis told the whole story. "You slept with her?" asked his digimon. "Well how supposed to know "Would you some cake?" was a clue." yelled Davis. He felt miserable all morning until Melody called him and apologized. Then he felt better.

The End

Forward: "You're wasting your time! Kari's not going to go out with you Dummy?!?" yelled Gwen. "We'll sees about that!" yelled T.K. as he walked out the door. "Oh T.K.! When will you ever learn?" Gwen asked herself as she layed down on his bed.