The second all three worlds crossed paths was when everything got turned upside down. At first, it was just earth meeting hell and heaven, but not at the same time. However, one chance encounter changed the rules.

It began on a Sunday.  Makoto was still a lone wolf then. He roamed downtown on that particular day. The reason has been now long forgotten and probably not so important to the story at hand. Anyway, he headed down to the local store. As he was leaving, he bumped into somebody coming in.

“What the hell?!” he snapped. The other person looked up at him, groaning. The older girl next to him lifted her head. Her face looked so round like a little china doll’s. Her all black attire added a nice contrast to her light red hair. She gave him an icy glare.

“Watch where you are going, you asshole!” she barked.

“I can say the same thing to you!” Makoto argued back. The older girl narrowed her amber eyes at him.

“Excuse me?” she asked with a bitter tone.

“You heard me,” the boy hissed back at her. Both cut icy glares at each other. Either one of them could attack with the thick tension. Sparks dared each other to put up a fight.

“Stop! Break it up!” someone yelled at them. Makoto and the girl looked up to see Ben running towards them. The girl put her hands on her hips.

“And who the fuck are you?!” she barked. Ben made it over to them.

“Don’t fight!” he shouted. However, he ended up tripping over a pebble as he came within arm’s length of the two would-be fighters.

“Whoa!” he shouted as he went downwards, grabbing them both by the shoulders. When they hit the ground, everyone spun out of control from there.