Happiness VS. Rain Forest and Friendship

Dateline: Sammi went Earth to help Ash. He was in detention when he met her.

    Jen was waiting on the sofa for her future dad when she heard the door. “That better be him.” she thought as she walked to the door. Jen was beginning to get annoyed about Ash coming home late from detention. She opened the door and there he was. “Hi poppy!” Jen said merrily when she saw him. “Hi Jenny.” said he. “How was your detention?” she asked. “Don’t want to talk about it….” Ash trailed off. Jen tried to smile though. Then she looked over and saw Sammi standing next to him, holding his hand. The child quickly became suspicious of the girl. “And who’s this?” Jen asked cautiously. “Oh her, Her name is Sammi. She’s……. a friend.” said Ash. Jen became jealous! “Well….. O-Yasumi-Nasai poppy!” she barked. Then she stormed all the way to her room. Ash just shrugged with confusion and went to bed. Sammi just went to the sofa, climbed on it, and fell asleep.

    Jen laid awake in her bed with jealously and anger. “ Poppy, How could you do this to me?!? I thought I was your only favorite next to Madre and Ray!!! Why are you doing this to me now?!?” she thought. Tears of sorrow poured from her eyes. Then her turned into anger. “Stupid little bitch!” she thought. Then she came up with a great idea. “I’ll challenge her to a dual!” Jen thought. With that, she leapt out of bed and went outside.
    Once Jen got outside, she created a tropical rain forest battle dome. When she was pleased, she chose out all of her attacks. “Now to bring the rat out here.” she thought. Jen used her powers to transport Sammi from the sofa to the dome. A blast of cold wind hit Sammi’s face. She woke up quickly. “Where… Where am ?!?” she thought. “In my battle dome.” Jen answered after she heard Sammi’s thought. Sammi looked up and saw Jen on a rising platform. “Who are you?” Sammi asked in fear. “Your worst nightmare!!!” hissed Jen. “Why am I here?” asked Sammi. “I want to have a dual with you!!!” yelled Jen. “But….why? I’m a peace loving person…” Sammi began. Jen raised her hand out and Sammi was on a rising platform. Sammi was so busy talking about how she was not for fighting that she didn’t notice that she was rising up. When it rose to Jen’s platform, the platform did a jerk stop. Sammi became startled and jumped to her feet. “Enough of your yakking !!! Are you going to battle or not?!?!?!?” Jen yelled sounding annoyed. “I have no choice.” Sammi thought. “All right.” she said weakly. “Good!” said Jen. “I’m going to regret this.” Sammi thought. “Palm tree bomb!” yelled Jen. The young immortal of rain forest and friendship just bombed Sammi without warning. “That’s not *Cough* FAIR!!! *Cough Cough*” Sammi yelled through the smoke. “Nobody plays fair in battle dome!” Jen yelled. Then the young immortal of rain forest and friendship laughed out loud. This made Sammi angry. “Fine! If that’s here you’re going to play it…” the young immortal of happiness thought. Then she quickly prang out of the smoke without warning. When the smoke had cleared, Jen looked up and Sammi was nowhere in sight. “Huh? Where did that little rat go?” Jen asked a loud. Then Sammi jumped out of the blue and kicked the immortal of rain forest and friendship in the back. Jen crashed off the platform and onto the vine covered ground. Jen rolled onto her in bewilderment. “Hey!!!!! That’s cheating!!!!!!” she yelled. “Nobody plays fair in battle dome!” Sammi said as she floated down to the ground. “Why the little…..?!? I’ll fix you!!!” yelled Jen. Then she leapt up and punched Sammi in the face. Then Sammi smacked Jen back. Then the fight got ugly from there. The girls fought on until Ash stormed into the dome and said: “What are you two doing at one A.M. in the morning?!?” “It’s her fault!!!” Jen and Sammi yelled at the same time. “No! It’s not!!!!!!” they yelled at the same time. “STOP COPYING ME!!!” they yelled at the same time again. Then Jen and Sammi got into another fight. Ash just shook his head. “I hate this job.” he thought. “SHUT UPPPPPPP!!!” he yelled at last. Both girls quickly stopped fighting and glared at him. “Look! It doesn’t matter who started what, it is ridiculous to fight at one o’clock in the morning!!!!!! Now go to bed!!!” he yelled. Then girls hastily ran to bed as if they had seen an evil ghost! Ash just shook his head again and went to bed. After everyone had left, the tropical rain forest battle dome just disappeared.
To Be Continued…