Hero Celebration

Dateline: Mitch and Cameron have confessed their love for each other

    Early the next morning, a knock was on our door. “*Yawn* Come in.” I said as I was waking up. A girl in a white kimono with purple hair walked in. “Get up! Let’s go!” she yelled. “Why?” I asked. “For the celebration of course.” she answered. “What?” I asked. “Celebration for you saving our world from destruction.” the girl answered. My eyes grew big. “What’s *yawn* going on Mitchell?” Cameron asked as she woke up. “We’re going to a celebration!” I yelled in excitement. “What for?” she asked. “Us, for saving this world.” I explained. And with that, we leapt out of our beds, got dressed, and followed the girl to the dining hall.

    The dining was huge and decorated. Lit scented candles were everywhere. All inhabitants were seated at a long table. “Come, sit down.” said Nikka. We obeyed in joy.

    We all ate, drank, laughed, joked, and talked. Then Emeraude tapped her glass. We all looked up. She stood up, raised her glass, and said: “To the Fantasy Realm warriors for saving our world!” We toasted and continued on with the celebration.

    The next morning, Emeraude led us back to where we started our journey and used her wand to open the portal. Cameron and I were transported home.

    I opened my eyes and found…. I was in my room on the same night I left! I was shocked! Not wanting to wake my sister and niece up, I quickly leapt into bed and went sleep. And that my friends, is my story of the Fantasy Realm.

The End