Chapter Seven: His Suspicion:

March 18th, 1983.

Daisuke sat on Kato’s front porch alone in the night lost in his thoughts. So much had happened to him in the past year. He came back to earth when he heard the door shut behind him. The boy looked up to see Kato looking back at him.

“Couldn’t sleep?” the former priest asked.

“No,” the boy said, shaking his head.

“Ah,” the older man said. Daisuke turned back to the view. Kato sat down with him.

“How Anna-chan?” Daisuke asked.

“Sleeping,” Kato replied.

“That’s good,” the boy said. They looked at the sky in silence. Kato looked on at his house guest. The question plagued him for weeks.

“Daisuke,” the former priest said in a hushed tone. The boy didn’t look up.

“Uh-hm?” he asked.

“Why are you here, if you don’t mind me asking?” Kato came out with the burning question on his mind. Daisuke looked over at him. Kato studied his face. Daisuke had no emotion on what so ever.

“Why am I here?” the boy asked.

“Yes,” Kato replied, nodding.

“Heh,” Daisuke answered. He paused for a moment. “Fine,” he said. “I’ll tell you why.”

June 2nd, 2009.

A thought crossed Tsuzuki’s mind. “Hey Anna,” he said. The woman looked up at him from watching the sleeping drunk woman on the couch.

“Hm?” she asked.

“Do you think Daisuke knew that Haruka killed his sisters?” Tsuzuki asked. Anna thought about this question.

“I’m not sure,” she said, “Papa never talked about grandma or the rest of the family.”

“Hm,” Tsuzuki replied before he came up with another thought. “Think it’s on his tapes?” the Shinigami asked.

“Dunno,” Anna replied, “It might. Should we see?” Tsuzuki looked a bit uneasy.

“What about… you know…” he began to say as he motioned at Lucy. The drunken slutty Goth looked as if she would be gone for a quite a while now.

“Leave her,” Anna said with a shrug.

“You sure?” he asked with a puzzled look.

“Yeah,” the woman told him, “Not like she’s going anywhere for the night.”

“True,” Tsuzuki replied with a nod.

“Shall we go to the tapes?” Anna asked.

“Alright,” Tsuzuki replied. Anna went back into her room. The Shinigami took one more look at Lucy and shook his head. This was how Lucy spent her nights when her dates went down the toilet.

Oh Lucy, Tsuzuki thought. He covered her with the blanket and followed Anna down the hall. The woman had already set up the tape recorder as she waited for him on the futon.

“You ready to do this?” she asked.

“Yes,” Tsuzuki said. Anna drew in a breath and pressed play.

Tape Entry # 14:

March 18th, 1983.

My name is Kimoto Daisuke. I’m eighteen years old and a single dad. I can tell Kato-san is wondering why Anna-chan and I are in his house; I can see it in his eyes. Could I tell him the truth? Should I tell him the truth?

He paused on the tape.

I don’t think Kato-san would believe me. At least I can say it here. So, here goes.

He paused again on the tape.

I think my mother killed my sisters; I know that she did. I know how she and my brothers are. I’m not surprised that they would stoop so low! I don’t know the exact details just yet, but all I know is this:

When Yumiko vanished, I asked mom what happened to her. She said that Yumiko had run away; I suspected that she was lying. When Kirika vanished, I asked mom what happened to her. She said that Kirika had run away; I knew she was lying.

End of Tape Entry #14

Tsuzuki and Anna sat in the dark silence. Daisuke himself suspected that his own mother killed her two daughters. Only questions left were where was Yumiko’s body and how did the girls die?