Chapter Three: Honey-Flavored:

Tsuzuki came home that evening. Today felt so empty; it felt strange not having Hisoka there to nag him. The older shinigami couldn�t take seeing the bitter hate in his partner�s eyes. No apology could fix this mess anymore.

�Just leave him alone,� Tatsumi told his former partner as they left the rehab center, �Kurosaki needs time to recover. It�s best not to see him for a while.� Tsuzuki couldn�t accept hearing that, but what else could he do? Tatsumi did have a point. Tsuzuki leaned against the door and sighed. He wished he could just forget about his partner for one moment. Tatsumi stayed with him until he went home. Now, Tsuzuki just wanted to forget about today in a sleep of sea.

�Welcome home,� a flirty voice greeted him. Tsuzuki looked up to see Anna sitting on the couch. Her husband looked at her with worn out eyes.

�I�m home,� he murmured likewise. His wife gave him a rather peculiar look.

�Are you okay?� Anna asked. Tsuzuki shook his head.

�We took Hisoka in today,� he said. It hurt inside to repeat that. The man already had to try and battle his guilt to get through the day. He had almost boxed it away too.

�Oh,� Anna said quietly. Tsuzuki eyed his wife as he tried to put on another upbeat mask.

�What about you?� he asked, �Are you okay now?� Anna rose to her feet and walked over to him. Her hands gently caressed his broad shoulders before her fingertips grazed his cheeks.

�Yes,� she whispered at his lips, �I�m much calmer now.� She gave him a small butterfly kiss. Tsuzuki took her into his arms almost unconsciously. The kiss lingered on heated before he broke off.

�What was the matter?� he asked in a whisper in her hair. Anna lifted her head and looked him in the eye.

�I just had a little shock earlier,� she said in a matter of fact tone. Her hands slid down to his tie.

�What kind of shock?� the shinigami asked as his mind struggled to not be aroused at this second. Anna untied his tie with such quick movements in her dainty hands.

�Family shock,� she replied with a soft, glazed over look in her hazel-green eyes. Her lips rested against his neck. She tried to use the taste to dull out any negative feelings that lingered on in her head from the phone message Becky left her hours earlier. Right now, she couldn�t bring herself to look up at her husband with her own bitterness.

�From California?� Tsuzuki asked rather puzzled. Anna pulled away his tie as if slowly pulling away the ribbon from a gift and rested her head against his chest.

�My aunt is really my mother,� she murmured. Her mind replayed the whole phone message in her head. Tsuzuki glanced down at her.

�What?� he asked. His wife shushed him by putting her finger to his lips. She gave him an angelic smile.

�Let�s forget for tonight,� she whispered, putting on her husky, siren-like tone in her voice. Tsuzuki drew his mouth closed as his violet eyes locked on hers. Something felt off about this. Her flirtation had a rather deviant aura around it. Instinct told him to stop her, to push her away.

Anna moved in for another kiss. �Forget,� she murmured, �Just forget. For me, please?� Her lips gently pressed against his. That kiss was all it took for her to obey her soft, cunning words. Once they slipped into his head, his only need sprung wide awake. The shinigami picked her up and led her back to their bedroom.

Anna pushed Tsuzuki back onto the bed. He looked at her with the overwhelming need to escape from today. She looked like a starved Junoesque goddess about to devour him. His wife slid off her light pink cherry-print dress with a hungry look in her eyes. She inched the material upwards so that her husband could take in her curved body as his own heat munched away at what was left of his resistance. It barely made a sound when it hit the floor.

Tsuzuki�s head began to swim as he couldn�t take his eyes off of his wife. The black strapless bra with her matching panties raised high stakes for him tonight. The moonlight from the window teased the view before him, tempting him to take a bite. His eyes wandered up and down her curved body. The hungry look in her eyes only pushed the temptation into further speeds.

When did Anna-chan get this erotic? He wondered as his wife grabbed onto his trousers. Her eyes stared deep into his as she unhooked the belt and unzipped his pants. Little beads of sweat broke out all over his skin. They�ve made love many times, but tonight felt different. The shinigami wasn�t sure what to make of this quite yet. However, something inside of him didn�t want it to stop. This wasn�t about distraction anymore. Tsuzuki reached up to grab onto the bra, but Anna seized his wrists and pushed them back. Her husband whimpered at her. The woman resembled an angel when she shook her head at him.

�No?� he asked.

�Uh-uh,� Anna replied. She slipped her hands behind her back and began unhooking her bra, one hook at a time. The craving to touch her only intensified as the black satin fell away from her shapely bosom, leaving them exposed to his hungry eyes. His hands wanted to help finish undressing her, but her eyes told him that she would deny him that pleasure again. She giggled at his tormented state as she rolled off her panties. Tsuzuki gulped and shut his eyes.

�Take me,� he whimpered, �I can�t take this anymore. Please, take me, Anna-chan.� She licked her lips at him once she was certain that she had his full attention.

�You�re in good hands tonight,� Anna said in a husky, seductive voice in his burning ear, �I will make it all go away. Just relax.� Tsuzuki shivered as his wife rolled down his trousers and boxers. His hands inched forward to embrace her by her narrow waist. His eyes hazed over in pleasure as she sank down on his heated, hard skin.

A boy of nineteen years old awoke to angelic singing floating through his ears. This type sounded rather different in that the suggested a lusty message distant to his innocent mind. He drew open his deep violet eyes with a light heat flowing through his body.

Two great cotton candy-colored wings drew his attention to a fair-skinned angel floating before him. Her shoulder-length auburn hair flowed in the heated breeze. She only wore lacy black and pink bra with matching panties. An aura of deep deviance flowed around her Junoesque-like figure, almost like a siren song luring sailors to their deaths on the islands.

The lovely angel held out her dainty hand to the young man in invitation. He blinked as he pointed to his nose. The angel�s eyes confirmed that he was right. The young man didn�t know how to take this offer. Despite her goddess-like beauty, something warned him to stay away. She could be luring him to his death like an actual siren. The lad couldn�t really tell with such a beautiful face before him.

He finally took hold of her graceful hand. The angel closed her eyes and murmured a chant under her breath. The lad shielded his eyes as a blinding thick wave swirled in his mind. Heavy images swallowed him up as she drew him in deeper within her world. Two women in yellow and red silk robes and gold wings rode past him on a white horse. He barely caught a glance of them with their gold and diamond jewelry on their bodies, but he heard their honey-coated voices cry out to him in song.

�Look out!� they cried, �Look out! She�s going to kill you! Please turn away! Turn away!� The lad couldn�t grasp what they were warning him. His ears caught a high-pitched whistle before he could ask. He winced as he whipped around. His nubile angel floated above him with a large knife in her hands. Her wings and hair turned a cold black as the wind grew sharper around them. The lad couldn�t move as his heart pounded against his chest. His eyes widened at this honey-scented trap sailing down towards.

�My beloved, please die!� she cried out to him.

Suddenly, a small whisper filled his ears.