Chapter Ten: Hot Springs Pleasure:


Anna got another text.

“Meet me in the hot springs.”

She giggled to herself. Okay then. She made her way outside. She counted down to their afternoon together.

Meanwhile, Tsuzuki had everything set up He hadn’t had any sake today. The shinigami had to stay sober for this. He looked up when he heard footsteps. Tsuzuki smiled to himself. He turned his head.

“Well, hello,” he said. Anna stood in the entry with her towel on. Tsuzuki tilted his head.

“Aw, are you cold?” he asked. Anna trembled as she stepped back.

“A little,” she said. Tsuzuki held out his arms.

“Come in and warm up,” he said. Anna smiled to herself. How could she say now? She walked over and climbed in. Tsuzuki pulled his wife into his arms.

“There,” he purred. He kissed her on the cheek.

“How are you?” the shinigami asked. Anna giggled.

“I’m good,” she said. He kissed her on the neck. She shivered in his arms. When was the last time they were like this?

Tsuzuki pulled Anna into his lap. He kissed her on the lips. Anna kissed him back. Her husband turned her to face him. He grabbed onto her towel. His member became stiff underneath her. He stared deep into her olive eyes.

“How bad do you want this?” he asked. Anna breathed as his fingertips brushed against her skin.

“Give it me,” she whimpered. The towel started to slip.

“You sure?” Tsuzuki asked.

“Yes!” Anna said. He chuckled.

“Well okay,” he said. “How can I say no to my angel?” Anna’s towel came sliding off into the water. Tsuzuki kissed her on the lips. The tip of his tongue slipped into her mouth. He took his time going in. Anna grabbed him by the shoulders. Tsuzuki moaned and pushed his tongue into her mouth. She gasped as she let her own play with his. Her thighs came on either side of him.


He opened his eyes to the blanket white around him. The snow blinded him lie white diamonds.

But he didn’t feel cold. And he wasn’t alone either.

He looked up when he could sense someone walking closer. Brown eyes stared at him. A small red heart pendant hung from her neck. Her long white dress blended in with the background. Her feet barely touched the ground. Her long brown hair flowed in light wind. He couldn’t help but stare at the flowers on her head.

He took a step forward.

A soft giggle caught his attention. He turned his head. Dark eyes on a pale face peeked around from the dead trees. Her little bunnies popped up from the snow and behind the trees.

“Hello?” he asked. Her short black hair and kimono stood out against the snow. The girl giggled as she pointed to her right.

Another girl rose from the snow. She kept her eyes to her feet. He could see the spirit of the forest through her body. Her dark purple hair floated through the air. She held her hand to her chest. She didn’t speak as she held her right hand to the sky. The other two join in. The girls closed their eyes.

A low whistle filled the air.

He turned his head. The clouds started to become thick over his head.


Not clouds.

He noticed a sea white horses and kitsune invaded the sky. They created thunder with their dancing. Ice pieces came crashing down. He didn’t try to dodge them. His eyes stayed on the horses and kitsune formed a swirling circle. A woman in a white kimono appeared in the center. Her black obi held her clothes in place. The black eyes of the animals opened with the orange flowers in her pinned up black hair. The petals began to rain down to the snow. A couple of them landed on his face.


A scent of warm honey and jasmines filled his nose. He looked in front of him.

A maiden of dark skin lay on the snow. A white sheet of silk fell off her body. Her long dark hair spread out like a fan above her head. Her gold jewelry and white flowers in her hair went together so well. He stared deep into her brown eyes.

“Come lay with me.”

He didn’t need to respond. His feet moved on their own. His body inches from hers. They shared a kiss in the snow.


Tsuzuki and Anna shared another kiss. He pushed her hair from her eyes.

“I love you,” the shinigami said.

“Mmm,” Anna said. She rested her head against his chest. They didn’t want to get out of the water just yet.