Chapter Twenty-Seven: I am the Earth:

-Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan-

I see everything. They walk around in their lives. Humans can’t see me. But, I see them all the time. How do I feel about them?

I have complicated relationship with them. I gave to them, but they rewarded me with scorn. They abused me and tormented me. Still, I gave to them. I gave and gave. They still hated me.

Then, one day they killed me.

I still gave to those humans. They have forgotten me now. Why do I still care about them? I do this out of love for them. Yes, I love them all. They are like my children. I have to take care of them. You don’t stop loving  someone no matter how they treat you. My mother taught me that herself. Her words stayed with me ever after death.

-July 20th, 2011-

She looked so sad. I watched as she stood at the subway tracks. It’s only four in the morning. She’s been crying all night. I know why she’s here.

He broke her heart and betrayed her. She saw him as her everything. They would even get married in five years. Dreams like that shatter so easily. I almost pity her.

She wants to end it. Make the pain go away. I know how she feels. She isn’t the first either. I’ve seen this before. I want to help her somehow.

I walk up to her. She turns to see me. I freeze in my tracks.

“Who are you?” she asks. I lower my eyes.

“A friend. Just a friend.”

“I don’t know you.”

“That’s okay.” I see tears running down her cheeks. “Why are you crying?”

She wiped away her tears. “Oh. It’s nothing.”

“But you seem so sad. What’s wrong? Talk to me.” I can see her whole life. She was loved as a child. Both parents in the picture. They showered her with attention. But, dad cheated on her. Divorce followed, but they still loved their daughter.

She sniffled. “My boyfriend left me.”

“Why?” I asked. She shakes her head.

“Come on,” I say. “You can trust me. Tell me. Please?” She lowered her head.

“He cheated on me,” she said.

“Why would he do that?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t know!” More tears streamed down her face. There you go. Let it all out. Let go of your pain. I’m here for you.

“I thought he loved me,” she said. “He was my first love! I even wanted to marry him!” I could feel myself crying for her.

“Why do you want to die?” I asked.

“What?” she asked.

“The trains don’t come this early in the morning. Why are you out here?”

She bit her lower lip. “Uh, well…” I could feel her shame. If she goes back now, she’ll have to face being along. If she goes through with it, her grief will be over.  But, she will never find happiness again. I can understand her pain.

“What do you want to do?” I asked. Her eyes shift away from me.

“I… I… I don’t know what to do,” she admits. “I don’t know.” She sank to the ground, crying. It was then I freeze and turn around. My ears perked up. Suddenly, we are not alone.

Two shinigami are staring at me. I do not like where this is headed. The older one walked up to me. I closed my mouth and lowered my head.

“Have you come for me?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. I looked at her beside me. She stared at with, big confused eyes. I looked at the shinigami walking closer. Then, I looked at her again.

“I’m sorry!” I said, bowing. I turned and took off running. The older shinigami ran after me while the younger on stayed behind with her.