Chapter Forty-Five: I Can�t Face the Grazes:

Seita wandered the grey. Everything blended together again. His heart felt numb to his throat. Jules� Jules�

He couldn't find her. He just knew something bad happened to her. Yet, the boy couldn't stop walking. Step. Step. Step.

His body felt so heavy. Seita didn't have a direction in mind. In fact, his mind couldn't function normally. The virus ravished whatever it could find. Why am I here? Where am I going? Step. Step. Step.

His breath grew heavier. Jules� He stopped when the anger took over the emptiness. She shouldn't have died. She shouldn't have died! He stomped his foot on the pavement.

"Damn it!" Seita yelled. "That ain't right!" He paused when he heard a low growl inches away. He turned and saw the abyss. Teeth covered in blood, heated breath like steam and soulless eyes behind him. Seita's emotions died down at first, but then it became clear to him.

"It was you!" he snapped. "You killed Jules!" The monster didn�t speak.

"You bastard!" he yelled. "You killed Jules! Monster! Asshole!" A low death rattle escaped the blackness. Seita panted.

"She shouldn't have died!" he barked. "Murderer! Killer!" He reached into his pocket and drew out a kitchen knife.

"You want to kill me, huh?" he shouted. "Huh?" The creature's breath grew harder. Red flipped on in its eyes. Seita's own anger spiraled.

"How dare you!" he cried. "I loved Jules! And you took her from me!" Seita charged forward with his knife.

"Die!" he yelled. The boy raced forward. He let out a loud battle cry. The monster didn't flinch.

Rip! Seita's blood coated the street. He didn't even make a sound. The boy heard silence as he fell back into his own blood. Gold butterflies blinded his eyes. He saw her smiling face. She always teased him. But why? Flirting, maybe? He never did get the chance to figure it out.

My Jules� Jules� His blood washed over his fallen knife in the street. He couldn't see anymore.

Outside, blood spilled from the mouth of Seita's out-cold body.