Chapter Twelve: Incubus Drill:

Nobody got laid tonight; it ended up more of cuddling in bed. Tsuzuki managed to move Anna to a separate room in the house with him. Naturally, Hisoka and Watari didn’t approve of this idea. Tsuzuki had to beg and plead to let her stay. They did; if no sex followed afterwards.

Damn it! Tsuzuki thought. He had no right to complain; they could’ve said no altogether. That didn’t mean he and Anna couldn’t feel up on each other under the sheets.

“How was therapy?” Tsuzuki asked.

“Meh,” Anna said with a frown, “Got nowhere.”

“Nowhere?” he asked. Anna snuggled closer to his chest as she shook her head.

 â€œIt was the same thing I heard years ago,” she explained, “Nothing changed.”

“What will you do now?” her boyfriend asked.

“Don’t know,” She playfully nibbled on his collarbone. “I’ll think of something.” Tsuzuki laced his fingers into the russet locks below him.

“Remember what I said earlier,” she spoke up. Tsuzuki went somber.

“We will be okay,” he mumbled.

“Yes,” Anna whispered, “We will be okay.” She smiled at her boyfriend in a wicked way.

“Hey, if you’re good maybe we could rent a hotel room and finish our date,” she offered.

“Shhh!” Tsuzuki whispered with a blush, “They’ll hear you!” Anna looked at the door.

“I would suck you off here, but they might be ease-dropping,” she said in a cheeky tone.

“They could…” Tsuzuki was about to protest. He paused and looked down at her. “Wait, you would?” he asked. Anna kissed him on the chest.

“Yeah,” she said, “We women aren’t the angelic fidget saints we are made out to be. We have our own sexual needs too.”

“You do?” the shinigami asked. Anna smiled and gave him a tiny kiss on the lips.

“I would show you right now, but I want to sleep,” she told him. Anna lightly closed her eyes.

“Night,” she murmured. Tsuzuki smiled to himself in the dark. Anna with naughty desires of her own, huh? He gently kissed her on the top of her head.

“Good night,” the shinigami whispered to his sleeping angel. He went to sleep himself, lost in his sensual dreams of her.

Close to midnight, Anna’s nightmare started up again. The blood and feathers became more vivid in her sleep. She couldn’t seem to turn them off if she wanted to. That night kept playing in her head. Suddenly, a low hum slowly drew her eyes open. Anna looked around in a drowsy state. She looked down next to her to see Tsuzuki still sound asleep. Anna rose out of their futon in a trance and quietly left the room. She wandered into the woods behind the house. It wasn’t until the door slid shut behind her that she came back to her senses. Anna jerked her head upwards and looked around her. She found herself outside in the summer night.

Huh?, Anna thought. How did I… She paused when she felt a cold breeze on her neck. The woman slowly turned forward to see him standing inches away from her grinning mercilessly.