The Indigo Kids Tour Pt. II

    Interview with Ryan and Jenny:

    [In the lobby of a bar/night club. The couple are dressed in black and Jenny smoke her cigarette]

    Q: So how long have you two been married?

    Ryan: Six months.

    Q: How did you two first meet?

    Ryan: My band had just finally got signed to a label. They thought that we had it together. However, they had one little problem with us.

    Q: What was that?

    Ryan: They didn't seem to like me doing the vocals. Thought it needed a female touch to them. So they held auditions, Jenny tried out, and joined the band.

    Jenny: *Puffs out on her cigarette* I just had to have him from there. We went out to celebrate finishing the album one night and I walked up to him in the bathroom and purposed to him.

    Q: Just like that?

    Jenny: Yep!

    Ryan: She caught me off guard with that one. I didn't know what to say at first.

    Jenny: *Giggles* Oh, don't be so coy, silly! You couldn't resist me!

    Ryan: Something like that.

    Jenny: He agreed to date me and soon after that, we got married.

    Q: So, what exactly do you see in each other?

    Ryan: Craziness. Definitely her craziness.

    Jenny: I fell in love with him because he was gorgeous. I married him for his music.

    *Ryan squeezes her waist tightly*