Information Exchange


I waited outside of the library for her. She�s going to be late again, but I don�t mind. It gives me time to think about her and try to figure her out again.

She claims that she died two years ago after being murdered. I don�t know whether or not that I believe her yet. I want her to show me that she�s a ghost or whatever she claims to be.

Then, she doesn�t even remember her real name. She remembers everything else about her life. She remembers her childhood, school life, family, everything that she liked and disliked. But, she can�t remember her full name.

Is it frustrating to me? Maybe. Yet, I just want to stay around to see what happens next. Why? I can�t really say. She just makes things more interesting for me. If finding her killer is the only to get closer to her, fine with me. I just get to learn more about that girl. Maybe eventually she�ll answer my own questions about her. I haven�t figured out what I would do with her after I get everything all figured out.

I happened to look and smile at what I saw. And look who�s here. Baby Doll dashed down the road towards me. I gave her a small wave.

�Sorry to keep you waiting,� she said. I put up my hands at her.

�It�s okay,� I said. �I wasn�t waiting long anyway.�

�So, what do you have for me today?�

I smirked at her. �Come inside with me.� I walked into the library with her following me close behind. This is going to be another interesting highlight for me today.