Ingrid's Bio

Name: Robyn Ingrid Karlsson

AKA: Birdie and Raynboyu

Birthdate: 3/3/83

Age: 19

P.O.B.: Stockholm, Sweden

Species: Kamimortal

Occupation: Student and waitress

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6"

Love Status: Single

Likes: Anime, card games, lacy underwear, manga, history, Sweden, Japan, Gorillaz, TV, music, sweets, Bloc Party, designs, ecchi, UK Skins, flirting, cats, cooking, boys, cars, swimming, Life on Mars, gardening, the band Garbage, art, pool, Ashes to Ashes, beef, reading, tea, writing, Robyn, Whose Line is it Anyway?, talking, purple, Internet, and children

Outfit: Short blue jean shorts, white tank top shirt with rainbow image on the breast, white and pink ankle socks, black and pink sneakers, and yellow hair rubber bands to hold her braids together

Car: Skipper

Animal Chibi: Goat

    Ingrid is a fine Swedish beauty. She adds to TZA's fine charm. Ingrid came from a nice family. She was their little princess. Ingrid was the baby out of five children. Plus, she was the only daughter in the family. Because of this, her mother was and still is rather overprotective over her. Ingrid's father tried to loosen the grip of his wife on his daughter, but the woman wouldn't hear it. On top of that, her brothers smoothed her with care and nearly kept almost every single boy from trying to date her. Ingrid didn't really mind it because she was still a good girl at the time and her family just did it to show that they cared about her.

    A descendant of Helen, Ingrid's mom ate a piece of the maiden's heart in some lobster. Helen took care of the baby after she was born. When Ingrid reached middle school, she became restless. The girl didn't really know what she wanted to do with her life after high school. Her family had so many ideas of what they wanted for her. Yet, the girl wasn't sure what she wanted for herself. She spent most of high school in that state until she signed up for a study aboard program in Japan. Her mother was against it at first, but her father and brothers finally talked her into letting Ingrid go and grow up.

    Ingrid was a normal girl until she was nineteen years of age. She moved from Sweden to Japan at that time. Ingrid found a job at the academy and has been proud to work there ever since. At first, she was rather shy and didn't know how interact with anybody. This had been the first time that she was away from her family and she didn't know how to function without them. The staff didn't even know how to break her down and get her to talk to them. However, after meeting a few cute guys, Ingrid finally loosened up and became a flirt. She has two cats named Nita and Eva. Ingrid has four piercings, two in each ear. She still keeps in touch with her family every day via phone.