Jog Race

Dateline: Kohana met and began friends with Carrina. But then Carrina abandoned her.

    One summer’s noon, Kohana was playing with a few older girls when a heavy breeze ran through them. The wind picked up Amy’s charm bracelet. “My bracelet!” she yelled. Then the girls got up and began chasing after it. Unfortunately, a group of boys caught the bracelet. “Gimmie back my bracelet!” Amy cried. “No!” the leader of the boys called out as the girls ran closer. “My grandmother gave that to me!” Amy wailed. “We don’t care!” another boy called. The girls were stunned. They didn’t know what to do. “Ladies!” the leader called out to them. The girls looked up. “We’ll give your stupid bracelet….” the leader began. The girls grew excited. “But…” said he. The girls paused. “Only if one of you beat me to a race.” the leader continued. “That’s not fair!” Britney cried. “Fine, then I’ll pawn this ugly bracelet.” the leader barked. Kohana stepped up. “What are you doing?!?” one of girls yelled. “I accept you challenge!” the princess yelled. The boys laughed. “Forget it!” yelled Penelope. “I can do it!” Kohana yelled. “I can do it!” “All right! But except to lose!” the leader called. “Sure.” said Sopphina. Then they shook hands.

    “Okay, we start from here, go all the way through the field and come back. You got it?” the leader said. “K!” said Kohana. The field was long and there was no way a child could run that race and win. “Good luck Kohana!!!” Amy yelled. The little princess nodded and smiled. Then the runners got to the starting line. “On your marks….” a red-haired boy said. Kohana and the leader crouched down. “Get set…..” a Hispanic boy called. Kohana was eager. “GO!” the two boys called out. And the two runners were off. And the two runners were off. It was a close race. But in the end, Kohana won. “Here’s your dumb bracelet back!” the leader snorted. Then he threw it to the ground and gang left. Amy quietly picked it and put it on her arm. Then the girls went off to play.
The End