Josie's Bio

Name: Josie Marie Ewell

AKA: Cat, Slut, Harlot, and Bitch

Birthdate: 2/2/81

Age: 21

P.O.B.: Las Vegas, Nevada

Species: Demimortal

Occupation: Writer and real estate agent

Hair: Red

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'7"

Love Status: Single with several of ex-boyfriends and husbands

Like: Anime, manga, men, hentai, Lovage, girls with guns flicks, drinking, smoking, blue movies, Sneaker Pimps, cat fights, money, wild weekends, lingerie, Garbage, lollipops, guns, Travis, fashion, music, ecchi, clubbing, Ke$ha, dancing, pink films, M.I.A., cars, spicy food, cats, make-up, Weeds (before it got stupid), rap, partying, Black Keys, and gambling

Outfit: White halter top, short dark blue shorts, gold four-inch high-heeled sandals, silver dragon necklace, silver pursue, and pink shades

Truck: Sentry

Animal Chibi: Cat

    Josie has the morals of an alley cat. She has been with more men than one can remember. Ironically, Josie has no female friends. That's because females don't really like her, but Josie doesn't care. She just keeps on flirting. Josie never knew who her father was and her mother ended up in and out of jail most of the time. Yet, Josie got sick of the desert and wanted out. The young girl was even determined to use everything that she had in order to do so. Even if she ended up pissing some people off, she would do it.

    Noiz didn't even want to hire her. Josie kept pushing until she got the job. Many still don't understand why she is still working at the academy if she doesn't even like to teach, dresses like a whore, and just acts inappropriate with the students and staff there. Josie's men had lead her from Las Vegas to Tokyo. Because, she really didn't have her parents around and was passed around to different relatives constantly, but to everyone's surprise she came out well. The girl learned at an early age that most men will give a pretty girl anything for her attention. She used that to get where she is today. However, she just wants to settle down in Tokyo and just party.

    Josie is chasing after the men of TZA. Most of the women in the academy want to see her gone, but Noiz simply just can't fire her like that. Bemmer can't stand her the worst. Yet, her and Jun-Jun get along long enough to use each other for their own personal gain. Both know the games that they play in order to achieve this, but yet they just play along. Why? "Hey, it's not like I'll have another female that can even be close enough to be a friend again."