Baby Joy

Dateline: Aneko, Takeru, Beck, Miya, and Sam found Bless and Katie. Bless and Katie turned he city pink.

    Megan was preparing the final two gems, a sunstone, an onyx, a cubic zocoria, to send out to the parents when Aneko came down the stairs ready for school. "Hi Aneko." said Megan. "Hi mom, I can't stay long. What are you doing?" asked Aneko.  "Sending out the late three gems to the parents." said Megan. Then Aneko walked on to school wondering who the last three parents were.

    Meanwhile the new enemy named La Nina was spying on the princess. "The little princess is going to school and the little three children are here. * Little snicker * Well, We can make it more interesting." she said. Then she picked up a little container and opened it. Pale blue dust began falling to earth and took form into a monster.
    The whole school day seemed slow today. When the afternoon came around, two bright lights soared toward the window of the class room and one went to America. Ash, Matt, and Mimi all caught them. Ash caught the sunstone, Matt, caught the cubic zocoria, and Mimi caught the onyx. "So, there are three more children?" asked Ash. "I guess so." said Matt. Later out in the hall, while Ash was putting up his books, he felt something grab onto his ankle. He looked down and saw a little two year old girl with tan skin, black hair in two little heart shaped buns with skinny little ponytails, and brown eyes with a white silk dress with light blue hearts, a light blue sash, tights and light blue slip-on shoes on grabbing on his ankle. "Um..... What did you come from? Are you lost?" he asked her. The little girl shock her head. Then Ash's sunstone began glowing. "My gem is glowing! Then that must mean..... This is my daughter!" he thought. "Hey Ash!" yelled a voice down the hall. He looked up and saw Matt with a baby with white skin, blond hair in two short pigtails, and blue eyes with a one piece light blue pajama set on in his arms. "You have the same thing to?" asked Ash. "Not only that, but Mimi just e-mailed me saying she found a baby with white skin, short blond hair, and blue eyes and he had a one piece dark blue pajama set." said Matt. "These must be our children." said Ash. "I guess so." said Matt. Then they heard a loud crashing noise. "What was that?" asked Ash. "I don't know, but we'll go see!" yelled Matt. So the boys ran to the classroom as quickly as they could.
    When Ash and Matt got to the classroom, there was a huge light blue monster in baby clothes attacking the class. "Where are those babies?" asked the monster in anger. "What babies?" asked Davis. "Don't play dumb with me! Now where are they?!?" yelled the monster. "We're not telling you anything!" yelled Aneko. "What's going here?" asked Matt. The monster turned and looked to see the little girl toddler in Ash's arms and the baby girl in Matt's arms. "Matt, Ash look out!" yelled Takeru. Then monster came charging towards them. Aneko and the others thought of a quick battle plan. "What are we going to do?" Ash asked Matt. "I think the others have a plan." Matt said. "Diaper bomb!" yelled the monster. The children were knocked down before they could do their plan. "Now what do we do?" asked Ash. "I don't know." said Matt. Then the monster turned to them. "Now to finish you off." said the monster. "Oh boy." said Matt. "Bottle poison!" yelled monster. The poison was coming at them fast. But the little girls had created a shield to protect them. "Huh?" asked the monster. The poison weakened the monster. The others were healed. "Now to finish you off." she said. Then she took out her wand. "Heart of Pegasus!" yelled Aneko. The monster was destroyed. Then the students went home after the plan.
The End