Jun-Jun's Bio
Name: Jun-Jun Yuri Tomoe

AKA: Bitch, Baby, Honey-bunny, and Suga

Birthdate: 3/3/**

Age: 14-10015 (But looks 28)

P.O.B: Sapporo, Japan

Species: Kamimortal

Occupation: Cartoonist and CIH agent

Hair: Red

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'0"

Love Status: Single

Likes: Driving, swimming, rap, Moby, rock, Gorillaz, knives, action movies, video games, Missy Elliot, guns, Black Keys, road trips, manga, men, Grand Theft Auto, flirting, dogs, DMX, high heels, motorcycles, kung-fu movies, Nas, boxing, lingerie, pulling pranks, Linkin Park, fighting, Japan, baseball, comics, New Orleans, Gwen Stefani, parties, and anime

Outfit: Black leather short-sleeve shirt that shows her midriff, long beige jean skirt that shows the head and neck of her red Chinese-style dragon tattoo on her right hip, ruby earrings, and black leather high-heeled boots

Truck: Phoenix

Animal Chibi: Dog

    Born from a star comet, Jun-Jun was found as a fourteen-year-old stillbirth in the rice paddies, but with a little bit of water, life was given to her. An old couple, the Tomoe, took her in because they wanted a child. Jun pretty much grew up as a farm girl. Her adoptive grandparents were rather good to her and treated her like she was their own granddaughter. Life on the farm life did rather well for her. Soon, that became rather boring. At the age of sixteen, she saved up enough money and ran away with a local boy's older brother to the city. She worked many odd jobs to make ends meet.

    A descendant of Helen, Jun-Jun drank a piece of the dead maiden's heart in a cup of water. Helen came to her aid for ninety days. During WWII, Jun became interested in drawing. At the time, she didn't know what exactly she wanted to draw or how it would make her money. Then, a friend of her roommate's dared her to draw manga. At first, Jun just brushed it off as childish. It didn't take long for her to grow curious and try it out. In the beginning it frustrated her, but it didn't take long for her to get the hang of it and enjoy it fully.

    Jun-Jun was taught combat in secret. Jun-Jun first met Noizchild at an internet cafe and the two bonded together quickly. She landed herself a job at the academy after a month of moving back to Tokyo from Osaka. She gets along with the boys of the academy. She and Josie have a rivalry/friendship between them in order to use each other for their own benefits in a twisted game of personal pleasure. Jun-Jun lives in Tokyo, Japan and her CIH partner is Yugo.