Chapter Thirty-Nine: Ka-san Kitsune:

The warmth of the spring night rested upon Tsuzuki's body. He loved nights like this. Lying in bed with his love: spent with passion and watching Anna sleep before enjoying her again in his dreams. The sex kept getting better and better between them lately. Her sexual emotion flooded his body like the ocean. Not in violent way, in fact, it aroused him just like everything else about Anna.

Right now, the feelings of afterglow were dying down. The whole feeling of oneness retired for the night. Time� to� sleep.

Tsuzuki kissed her on the forehead. "Night," he whispered to Anna. The shinigami smiled to himself as he fell asleep. Yet, tonight took a detour.


Bellows of heat blew around his body. Tsuzuki squinted for a better look. W-What is this? Hot winds struck his back. He tried to scream out, but the fierce breezes took his voice.

"Hello?" he tried to ask. "What is this place?" The hollowing winds were his only response. They pushed him forward, in fact. Tsuzuki didn't have a firm foot on the mushy clay ground. He tried to fly upwards, but to no avail. My powers don't work! What the hell? The heated winds drove him past trying to remain vertical.

I can't fall over, he thought. Tsuzuki tried to remain standing. The smell of burning rubbish filled his nose. His eyes watched from the heat. Where is this heat coming from? Another rolling wind pushed him to the ground. Getting back up proved feeble. No, better to crawl forward. The burning smell made his stomach turn. Where am I? He pushed himself to keep crawling across the mushy clay.

Suddenly, it all stopped. The shinigami paused and looked around. The burning backdrop reminded, but he couldn't feel a thing. Tsuzuki sat up and looked around. Steel bars stood crumbling as the heat seemed to snack on them slowly. The shinigami reached forward to touch the bars. The metal crumbled at his fingertips. Tsuzuki drew back his hand. His brain began to piece together where he was.

This can't be�

He paused at the sound of someone trying not laugh. Tsuzuki looked behind him. A woman sat on her knees behind the sturdier bars. At first glance, she looked like an ordinary woman imprisoned in� wherever this place was. Tsuzuki took tiny steps towards her.

"Hello?" he asked in a low voice. The shinigami froze when she looked up at him. Two bright strawberry pink fox ears sat atop her long, silky, equally pink hair. Her light pink kimono ate up her tiny frame. Despite the cuteness of her round face, Tsuzuki saw red flags in his mind when he saw her blank amber eyes. The seven white tails behind her didn't help the situation either.

"What?" the woman snapped. Tsuzuki blinked.

"Wait!" he said. "Are you�" The woman narrowed her eyes at him.

"Am I what?" she asked. The shinigami stood firmly.

"Are you a kitsune?" he asked. The woman eyed him sharply. "What's it to you?"

"Well� you have the ears and� tails�" He mimed out each part he described.

The woman frowned. "Fine, yes!"

"Okay, are you the�"

"The mother?" She stuck her nose. "Fine, whatever. Yes. Yes, I am."

Tsuzuki tried to take it all in. "Wow. So we were right!" The kitsune stared at him.


Tsuzuki leapt up startled. "Uh� uh� Some friends of mine!" The kitsune snorted. Tsuzuki looked around him again.

"Why is this place breaking down?" he asked. "Is this your doing?"

"Ha!" the mother barked. "I wish! It's because Anna's body has been through so much trauma."


"Yeah. Killed, whipped, distress, tortured, raped, beaten-- all of that is breaking this prison." The kitsune smirked to herself. "Good for me." Tsuzuki gave her a puzzled look.

"But, it shouldn't be able to break so easily," he said. "Daisuke-san used up most of his powers to build this whole shield." The kitsune's lovely face turned into frightening anger.

"Even he knew this prison couldn't hold me!" she snapped. The shinigami's jaw just dropped. The mother smirked as she nodded.

"Oh yes," she said. "He was so scared of me that he had to lock me away. Even then that wasn't enough!"

"Wait!" Tsuzuki said. "He knew this wouldn't hold you?!"

"Yes!" she said. "Take a look around you, idiot!"

"And your children?" he asked. "What about them?" The mother sighed as she dropped her shoulders and lowered her head.

"It's gone too far, I'm afraid," she said. "Those humans don't deserve all of that. I just wanted to live freely in the clan." She shook her head.

"I must put an end to this!" the kitsune declared.

"But how?" Tsuzuki asked.

"I have to let this shield break to be free," she said.

Tsuzuki shook his head. "No."

The kitsune gave him a little pout. "But why not? Don't you want to end this mess? Don't you want more innocent humans to live? Don't you want me to be free?"


Her questions woke Tsuzuki back to reality. He sat in the darkened room he shared with Anna. The shinigami panted and shook his head. He could not let the mother out. Not at any cost.

The next morning, Tsuzuki walked over to Watari's lab, armed with new information.