Karen's Bio

Name: Sumalee Kanya Karen Luk-Ket

AKA: Tsuma and Thai-queen

Birthdate: 3/3/83

Age: 19

P.O.B.: Bangkok, Thailand

Species: Kamimortal

Occupation: Student and writer

Hair: Black or Dark red (Depends on the fic)

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'0"

Love Status: Dating

Likes: Anime, snacking, lacy underwear, Bjork, Ryo, karaoke, manga, writing, Depeche Mode, J-rock, drinking, Gorillaz, partying, 80's music, jewelry, MTV, photography, directing, Train, making cocktails, Basement Jaxx, comedies, Sneaker Pimps, Japan, Tori Amos, beach, road trips, Jay-Z, internet, Thailand, clubbing, night life, Tricky, and driving

Outfit: Black leather short skirt, red kimono-style shirt that shows her midriff, black leather jacket, navy pantyhose, and black leather high-heeled boots. (Sometimes small pink framed glasses)

Station Wagon: Eagle

Animal chibi: Leopard

    Sweetheart by day and a wild child by night, Karen plays both parts so well. She grew up a sweet child at first. Her mother and aunt practically spoiled her rotten. She didn't have many friends growing up because of there weren't many children in her neighborhood. Through grade school, she was home-schooled. Because of the circumstances, Karen grew up a rather socially awkward child. Her mother sort out to fix this by introducing her to her father's side of the family in the Northern part of Thailand. That's how she spent half of her summers.

    Descendant of Helen, Karen's mom ate a piece of the maiden's heart in an orange while she was pregnant with her. The dead maiden took care of the baby for eighty days. By the time she was twelve, her father moved back closer to her and his ex-wife. This kind upset the balance that Karen had been used to growing up. The only time she got to see boys was during the summer, but she still didn't know how to deal with the opposite sex. It didn't take her long before she became restless with her home life and wanted a little bit more in her life.

    Karen become rebellious when she was thirteen. Towards the end of junior high, she became bolder and more confident in herself. It didn't take long for the boys to take notice of her and take to hook up with her. Her mother and aunt didn't know how to deal with this newly wild teenage girl on their hands. Her father didn't do much to change her back to the way that she was because he was happy to see her talking to other people outside of the family for a changer. Then, Karen moved out of the house at the age of sixteen. She ended up staying with a couple of friends until she could make it on her own. Karen was on a cruise when she met the Tokyo-Zion crew. She signed on and has been there ever since. The woman is even dating one of the students, Ryo, in the academy. Karen has a tattoo of a dragonfly inside her right calf.