Kathryn's Bio
Name: Kathryn Arnalda Von Bingen

AKA: Kathy and Auntie

Birthdate: 3/3/83

Age: 19

P.O.B.: Berlin, Germany

Species: Kamimortal

Hair: Dark blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'8"

Occupation: Writer and student

Love Status: Single

Likes: Judicial systems of the world, sugar, courts, racing, lacy underwear, Thievery Corporation, vampires, Jimi Hendrix, Germany, swimming, anime, action movies, manga, ramen, rock music (especially heavy metal), the beach, pastries, McDonalds, motorbikes, Gorillaz, chicken, Power Puff Girls, beef, Massive Attack, her nephew, writing, tech music, cold cases, and reading

Outfit: Dark red Berlin tank top that shows her midriff, dark blue baggy jeans, black and silver skull and cross bone belt, red sandals, silver bat earrings, black dog collar bracelet with rhinestone jewels on it, and silver belly button ring with beads and decorative chains on it

Car: Trident

Animal Chibi: Weasel

    Headstrong yet gentle, Kathryn chases her dreams with ambition. She is very close to her older sister and nephew. The girl grew up in a single parent home. Her mother worked two jobs to support her daughters. Her older sister, April, would work on the weekends to help out. Kathryn just had to go to school and be a normal kid. However, that just wasn't enough for young Kathryn. She didn't want to feel useless with her mom and sister working so hard. Even from an early age, Kathryn wanted to feel useful for to somebody, anybody.

    Descendant of Helen, Kathryn ate a piece of the maiden's heart in an apple. The deceased maiden took care of her for sixty days. By the time she entered junior high, Kathryn became interested in heavy metal and judicial system. Her mother didn't understand the former, but she was sure proud of the latter. Her sister happily accepted both parts. However, a huge shift in Kathryn's life took place before that time. When her younger sister was seven, April meant a man at her place of work at the time and secretly slept with him after hours. However, one night tryst lead to her getting pregnant. Their relationship didn't last long after the baby was born. Her son, Daniel, was raised like a younger brother to Kathryn while April went to college to further her education. Even through all of that, Kathryn didn't let that change her goals. She eventually ended up going to college herself.

    Kathryn came to Tokyo-Zion while the girls were on vacation and she has worked there since. She keeps her love for heavy and motorbikes on the weekend while she works to pass the bar during the week. The girl is currently in the middle of her second year of university. She still keeps in touch with her family in Germany. In fact, April and Daniel help out at the academy from time to time during the holidays. Kathryn live alone and has a pierced belly button.